Kingston Gallery Members Show

Suffolk University Gallery Director, Deborah Davidson, is a woman of many hats. Her latest curatorial project, All The Members: Gifted, opens tonight at Kingston Gallery in Boston’s SOWA arts district. NESAD faculty members Linda Brown, Ilona Anderson, Sophia Ainslie and Celine Browning are among the artists featured in the exhibition.

This year, the annual members’ exhibition is curated by Kingston Public Relations and Curatorial Consultant Deborah Davidson and is inspired by the concept of the gift. Lewis Hyde, in his groundbreaking book The Gift, expresses the idea of the artist as a gift maker and that art is received as a gift, giving it meaning. To quote the author: “The gift we long for, when it comes, speaks commandingly to the soul and irresistibly moves us.”

In the purest sense, a work of art is an emanation of its maker’s gift; thus the object is imbued with meaning – but open-ended meaning, which each of us receives as we will. This month the space of the gallery itself and by extension, the synergy between the twenty-five members themselves, is the site of a conversation on this idea of gift.

Kingston Gallery 
450 Harrison Ave, Boston

All The Members: Gifted
September 4 – 29, 2013
Opening Reception: September 6, 2013, 5-7:30 pm
Curators Talk: Sunday, September 22, 2013, 12 pm

Hope to see you there!

A guest post by Gallery Director Deborah Davidson. 

We are gearing up for our first fall exhibit Away For The Summer: Work From The Study Abroad Programs, opening this Monday, September 9 and running until October 7.

This exhibit reflects student work from three distinct Suffolk University Study Abroad Programs – The Italian Journal Program led by Wallace Marosek, Lens on Spain: Photojournalism in Madrid with Kenneth Martin and Painting in Prague directed by Susan Nichter. The students experience the art, architecture, culture and the landscape both intellectually and through the experience of making art in a particular medium and is a marvelous first-hand way to study and understand a culture outside one’s own. All three European locales are rich in history and are vibrant contemporary cultures as well.

Please join us in the Suffolk University Gallery for the opening reception reception on Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.

italy watercolor

Nick DiStefano and Kristen Freitas at Atlantic Works

Alumni Nick DiStefano (Graphic Design) and Kristen Freitas (Fine Arts) are showing new work at the Atlantic Works Gallery.


Through & Through: Inlaying, penetrating to the other side, carving, cutting; making images more durable; so they do not easily wear off.

Concepts of identity and personality, specifically the different personas that we can choose, adorn, or project. Those presentations can be fragile, ghosts of words and images appear, only to dissolve as they are glimpsed and new impressions are made. Like finding a new place, they suck you in driving to search deeper to learn more. New layers highlight words and images, signaling pauses and turns in the narrative. They act as masks, both revealing and hiding. The process makes each representation removed from the original image so that the mask takes over. The mask confronts us. Confrontation and intimacy are an important aid in releasing, uncovering, and discovering who we are and who we can be.

Opening Reception: Tuesday, September 3rd, 6-9 PM

Third Thursday Reception & Reading: Thursday, September 19th, 6-9 PM

Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6 PM

Atlantic Works Gallery
80 Border Street, Top Floor, Boston, MA


Graphic Design Job Opportunity at Suffolk

The Office of Marketing & Communications at Suffolk is seeking a Graphic Designer.

The ideal candidate is a motivated, inspired, detail-oriented individual who has a solid foundation and professional experience in graphic design. This individual should be an effective communicator, a perceptive listener, and enjoy working collaboratively with creative teams and partners across the University. OMC works with departments across the University including advancement, enrollment, and student affairs, as well as academic departments within the three schools to create print and online promotional materials. OMC is charged with defining and executing vibrant and mission-critical materials that promote the presence of Suffolk University among internal and external constituents. Learn More

Is your company hiring? Let us know at

Call for Submissions: Alumni Exhibition

Deborah Davidson, Suffolk University Art Gallery Director, is organizing an exhibition of alumni works in conjunction with Homecoming Weekend, October 17-20, 2013.

Exhibition Details

NESAD Grads: Out in the World

At New England School of Art & Design, faculty are deeply engaged with their students. The connection between students and their teachers works in both directions, and often remains long after the academic experience ends – as a professional relationship, or as a philosophical or creative influence. Nurtured here, this group of alumni carries with them a passion for their chosen field, the skills to express themselves and their ideas, and the discipline to realize them.  They have the all-important ability to communicate and connect with the larger world through relevant art and design. The exhibition represents all areas of study at New England School of Art & Design, including Illustration, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Fine Art.

Exhibition Dates: October 14 – November 10, 2013
Opening Event: Thursday, October 17, 2013
4:00 pm – Panel discussion and open Q & A: Alums talk to current students about their “real world” experiences.
5:00 pm – Reception

Call for Submissions

Open to former students of New England School of Art & Design. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • All media accepted
  • Maximum Size: 36 x 36 inches, please contact Deborah for unusual proportions
  • Submissions: email 3-5 jpegs to
  • One work will be chosen from each artist
  • If original artwork is mailed – return postage must be included
  • Work must be ready for hanging or installation

Important Dates:

  • Deadline to submit: August 30  Deadline extended to September 8
  • Decision for selection: September 12
  • Work delivered by: October 9
  • Opening reception: October 17
  • Exhibit ends: November 10
  • Pick up or return of work: November 12 +13

For more Information

Contact Deborah Davidson at or call 617-994-4283.

Rediscovering Boston

Kate McLean (Graphic Design, 2004)  joins & Then as our inaugural writer for our Guest Blogger feature. If you are interested in being our next guest blogger please drop me a line at 

As an ex-pat and a NESADSU graphic design student in Boston from 2001 to 2004 I had a good handle on the city; I knew where the all the art stores were, I sketched in the parks and gardens, I ate at restaurants, was a regular visitor to any number of coffee and sandwich shops, and I embraced the city museum exhibition schedules. The staff in Paper Source on Boylston once asked if I was a scrapbooker because I spent so much time there.

I thought that I really understood “my new city”.

After a circuitous route through other European cities I returned to the UK and studied for an MFA in Graphic Design. At Edinburgh College of Art my interest in maps expanded as did my awareness of how we perceive our world through all of our senses. I researched deeper into the sense of smell and started to create Smell Maps. Every summer I returned to Boston to teach in the MA in Graphic Design program with Rita Daly at the place I call “home” – NESAD.


This summer I am back in Boston once again but this time as a researcher rather than a visiting lecturer. It was time to rediscover Boston through its smells. Smelling is a highly personalised experience and relates to the genetic make-up of individuals and since we can detect 10,000 odors smell perception varies greatly. A recent study has shown that ‘Sometimes, your sensitivity can even completely change the notes of a scent. Newcomb and his colleagues found that the violet compound smelled “fragrant” and “floral” to those with a heightened sense, whereas less sensitive individuals described it as unpleasantly “sour” and “acidic.”’

My smell walkers came from from NESAD MAGD alum (Nick DiStefano, Brittany Kearnan and Meghan Callagan), as well as a couple of food bloggers, a fitness blogger and social media guru and her husband and their 11 year old son. We were accompanied by Sarah Reynolds, working for US Public Radio’s show “The Story” with Dick Gordon.

dumpsterWe all rediscovered a city that we thought we knew pretty well. What follows are a selected set of the smell identification and descriptive notes taken from 9 smell walkers:

7:15 – Hamburgers – reminds me of BBQs and family cookouts and summer. Good feeling.

7:16 – Chlorine – nice, its the fountain @ the Greenway

7:17 – Sewage – fleeting smell. Not pleasant

7:18 – Garlic and calamari and oil and exhaust – home, Italian cooking

7:19 – Dough – yummy, comforting

7:20 – Sterile, cleanness, candy

7:24 – Wine, oil, fish – home, holidays

7:25 – Wood fire – hungry, it’s from a restaurant

7:30 – Cigar – Old Italian men enjoying a smoke

7:38 – Laundry – cozy, sweet, clean

7:45 – Salt water/Ocean – I’m staring at the harbour. Expected a more intense smell, must be high tide

7:47 – Salt water, seaweed – Sailing home

7:50 – BBQ – reminds me of my friends

7:55 – Cut grass – good, refreshed

8:00 – Greasy road – queasy, I don’t really like some stuff

8:04 – Plastic bags –

8:05 – Fried dough – summer amusement parks/carnivals

8:10 – Construction – like a new house

8:16 – Sewers and popcorn – smells like the city

8:25 – More grilled meat, touch of vinegar – lots of kitchens with doors open tonight

8:30 – Wax – at the Catholic Church. Surprised.

8:31 – Crayons – musty, stuffy

8:34 – Grass – Smells great, want to play…

The city I thought I knew had greater variety in small areas. The smell walkers said that it smelled far better than they thought it would, sweeter and with less expected “bad smells”.

What I do now, as a smell mapper, is to render the invisible visible through graphics and the creation of “scents” to communicate our temporal perception of a place. See for other city smell maps. Next summer I want to do further research in Boston and I love the idea that NESAD students and alum from all programs could be involved. Follow me @katemclean to find out more about how cities worldwide have very individual, and occasionally surprising smell portraits.


Image Credits:
Boston Skyline ©Erin Egresitz 2013
Kate McLean smells an unexpectedly fragrant Faneuil Market Place dumpster ©Karen Zgoda 2013
Kate McLean & Sarah Reynolds in Columbus Park, Boston ©Erin Egrestiz 2013

Graphic Design MA Thesis Exhibit

The New England School of Art & Design proudly presents Graphic Design MA thesis projects in Re:Design. View innovative solutions to today’s top issues and leave your thoughts as part of this interactive exhibit.

Join us for a reception celebrating our 2013 graduates on Friday, August 23rd from 6-9 pm.

Suffolk University Adams Gallery
120 Tremont Street (Directions)

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Fine Arts Exhibition Opportunity – Mµseum

The Boston area has a brand-new arts institution, Mµseum. Located in a nook between two commercials buildings in Somerville, this micro-museum provides a novel and engaging venue to show work produced by New England artists. Mµseum’s inaugural exhibit, “Invisible Cities,” opens 8/15 with a ribbon cutting and reception from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.

“Artist Submissions: The Mµseum is interested in being introduced to artists whose work fits with our mission. If you think your work would be a good fit, please e-mail with “Artist submission” in the subject line, and include a link to your art. Your existing body of work does not necessarily need to be on a micro scale. However, if you do not have examples of small work, please include an explanation of your concept for adapting your vision to the scale of our institution.”

Do you know of an exhibition opportunity? Let us know nesadalumni(at)