Green Boston


 In Boston, the City Hall has a two floor roof garden park which Mayor Menino wants to represent his promise to the environment made by the city and its Energy Officer Jim Hunt after the “National Green roof Conference” of Boston in 2006.   Mayor Menino is keeping his promise to make Boston one of the first environmentally sustainable cities in the USA, for example by enforcing a Zoning Policy to create as many green buildings as possible in the private and public sector.  

Plus, next to City Hall is an expanding T system that promises to cut down on transportation pollution in Boston.  It’s all part of making transport greener, by using alternative fuels in city vehicles, including hybrid, bio-diesel and natural gas engines.   City Hall also helped an electrical union build its giant wind turbine in Dorchester on the Southeast Expressway. This provides wind and solar energy for the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and shows how efficient Boston could become in the future.

Finally, the colorful roof garden has more than just beauty and symbolism; it is also a useful oasis in the city.  They sedum species of bushes hold rainfall, cutting drainage on the building and then recycling the water back to the skies.  Furthermore, the bushes and flowers insulate the building by holding in a quarter of the heat/cool air in summer/winter.   The result is a net gain for the green biomass of Boston. 


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