Energy Outlook: 2009-2030

The report summarizes the growth of the energy market for 2009; this year has seen an upturn in energy as well as a downturn in the overall economy. The momentous influence on energy demand and markets are linked to unclear factors, such as the uncertain oil prices, greenhouse gas emissions and choices made by energy investors.
The report presents long-term projections of energy supply and demand- including price estimates through 2030. On the demand side, of course the demands of developing countries, especially China, are strong. This, plus the efforts of oil supplying countries to limit access to resources will lead to higher oil prices over time.
However, in the U.S. the demand for oil has slowed down due to stricter corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) standards coming at the same time as oil price rises. Plus, there is no federal policy about limiting greenhouse gas emissions and this has impacted decisions of investors in the electricity market. This points to the growing need for policy change in GHG.

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