1. Catching the Wind

Wind power is a resource generated by wind turbines to convent wind into electricity. Sunlight hits the air unevenly, so this difference in the temperature moves the air. As the wind turns a turbine’s blades, the machinery inside the nacelle converts the energy into electricity.

The Power of Gears was an example of how these turbines work, however The Power of Gears using magnets instead:


There are different types of turbines presented by this exhibit. It gives some information about their differences such as rotor diameter, tower height, weight, speed, power and number of 9-watt energy efficient LED bulbs turbine could light for a year.


Three major factors to think about before installing wind turbines:

  • Area and Location (each environment has its own wind speed, direction)
  • Power Requirement (each building has its own electricity needs)
  • Wind Turbine Type (different types work better in different areas)

2. Conserve @ Home

Experiment of this exhibit consists of a steering wheel and three types of lights (LED, Incandescent and CFL). To light up the bulb I had turn the wheel and I had to do it fast to keep the bulb lit. To switch the bulb, I had to press button of the bulb I wanted to light up.


There were some information about every type of light


  • 8 watts energy needed
  • Emits light in only one direction


  • 40 watts energy needed
  • 80% of waste heat


  • 9 watts energy needed
  • Takes more energy to light up CFL than it does to keep it lit

3. Energized!

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 6.39.40 PM

The Sun hits the panel; electrons get energized and start to move. They create electricity.

To make this experiment work I had to move the solar panel into 4 different positions and then press the button of a time of day (Morning, Noon, Afternoon). There was a chart to fill up to record the results that is what I got:


The chart shows daily totals for each panel position.

The position of the solar panel is very important because it depends on how much electricity it generates. That is why some installations have motors, so the panels move as the sun does to get the sunlight throughout the day. There are also installations which pick optimal positions.

4. Investigate!

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 1.49.35 AM

That was an interesting exhibit to observe. By pressing a button two balls fall into the toilet, by pressing another button toilet flushes and we can see balls moving through the pipe. Once I dropped my earring into the toilet and I was not sure if I can still get it or not. I kind of knew how it looks like from tv commercials about all those cleaning tools, but the real picture never got into my mind till I saw this exhibit.

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