Kevin Banks Speaks at NESAD

Kevin Banks, design director at The Phoenix Media Group and previous NESAD graduate student, gave students an inside peek at his work and design process. With the help of DJ Mikey Mike, Kevin gave a music-filled, multi-media presentation to a packed room.

Kevin’s work is full of wit and unrelenting imagination. Take his poster created for the Best Music Poll concert at the City Hall Plaza in 2009. He needed to establish a visual identity for the event before it actually happened. One night, Kevin saw the Bunker Hill Bridge lit up and found his inspiration for the poster. He took a picture of the bridge and merged it with a microphone to establish the largest microphone in Boston for the largest concert in Boston.

Ready to capture any moment, Kevin always carries a camera. Once again, this proved useful come Halloween of ‘08. He surreptitiously snapped photos of Boston’s underground and photoshopped images of ghosts and other unsightly figures within them. The series of photos ran as a Halloween news feature and went viral.

Before entering the corporate world, Kevin worked as an Illustrator in the nineties. Perhaps his illustrative background paved the way for his inventive corporate design work. When asked what he would urge students to do more of, Kevin said students should step away from the computer during the design process. Inspired by his presentation, NESAD student John Connelly said, “Listening to Kevin Banks, I liked his work but it was also great to see how he approached it with abandon and with sense of adventure.”

You can check out more of Kevin’s work here.

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  1. I was searching the internet for something, and i found a very interesting picture the other day.
    On the picture this tesxt: “Design is a behaviour, Not a department!”
    It is very true, what do you think?

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