Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog?

Wikipedia defines a blog as “a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse order… many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject… a typical blog combines text, images, links to other web pages, and other media related to its topic”. Common Craft has an excellent video on YouTube called “Blogs in Plain English” that you should watch if you are new to blogs.

How do I register to get a blog?

Go to and on the right you will see “Sign up here” to get a blog. Follow the directions to get a blog. You must have a email and be faculty, administration, or otherwise be invited to join the blogging pilot. If you are a student, you must be blogging as a class assignment. When the set-up is complete you will receive an email. You may download the blog sign up instructions to get a visual step-by-step walk-through of the sign-up process to make it easier. If you are just getting a username to be added to an existing blog instead of creating a new blog, please use the username only instructions instead.  Once you’re up and running, visit the video tutorials for more information.

All users are required to familiarize themselves with Suffolk University’s Web Policies & Procedures before beginning.

What are the different ways to use blogs?

Blogs function in many different ways and extend well beyond the often thought of “personal” blog. A blogging platform serves an educational platform and tool. See Do Not Call it a Blog for more info. For ideas and inspiration, please visit UMW’s excellent wiki page: 10 Ways to Use Blogs. For a great directory of course blogs, see University of Mary Washington‘s extensive list. Also, as always, feel free get in touch with us to explore your ideas and get hands-on support.

What is the best browser to use?

The best browser to use with WordPress MU, this blogging platform, is Firefox. Firefox works on the Mac and PC and is available free for download on Mozilla’s homepage. Using Firefox will eliminate many glitches you may experience otherwise.

How do I make a new post?

Go to Posts>Add New. Give your post a title and start writing! When you are done, you choose Save and Publish to make your post live (you can always go back and edit it later under Manage>Posts.)

How do I delete or edit one of my posts?

To delete or change a post, go to Posts>All Post. Once there, you can hover over a post and choose to Edit or Trash a post. If you edit your post, be sure to click Update to save the changes.

How do I view a post before I publish it?

If you want to view your post before you publish it, choose View >> which is on the top right just above the text box where you are creating your post. After you view your post, click the back button on your browser to get back to posting. You can also Save without publishing if you don’t want to lose your changes but aren’t ready to publish just yet.

How do I insert an image into my blog?

When you are creating a new post, above the text editor there is an Add Media feature. Browse then choose the file from your computer. When your done choose Insert into Post to send it to the text editor. From there, you may click on the image and click the photo icon to get to the options. You can resize your image by selecting a percentage and align it left or right with the text so it looks neater. There are also more options under Advanced Settings on the top.

How can I insert a movie file into my blog?

There are two ways to do this. To embed a movie, simply grab the embed code and copy it. In the Post editing section, click the HTML option (next to Visual on the top right of the Text Editor box). This will allow the movie to be embedded and played from within your blog post. You can switch back to the Visual editor after you’ve pasted the embed code to write more information in your post.

To upload a movie file from your computer, you use the Upload option below the text editor. This will create a link to your file and most files will play in the Anarchy Media Player directly in your blog.

How do I create a link to another web page?

In Post Text Editor, highlight the text that you would like to make a link out of. Then press the link icon above (which looks like a chain). Paste the url there.

How do I go choose a different look for my blog?

Go to Appearance>Themes to choose a different theme for your blog. You can try several themes. Many have the option for a custom header image as well. You can also change your theme at any time without losing the content of your blog.

What is my blog’s url or address?

The address or url to give people to get to your blog will always be

When you first registered you were asked to create an address for your blog. Whatever you typed after the edu/ is your blog’s address, and should be given out or linked to as shown above. The registration confirmation email you received should also include your blog’s address.

How can I change the password I was issued?

Hover over your name on the top right of your screen, and choose Edit My Profile. Scroll down to the bottom and enter your new password twice in the box. Make sure it is something you can remember.

I am having trouble with the theme I chose and/or I would like a theme I found that is not listed.

Themes are created by open-source developers who are nice enough to share them freely. However, not all are perfect and many are different. Some let you change the header image and color, some do not. If a theme is not functioning properly, contact us to let us know or to ask theme related questions.

Can I create more than one blog?

Yes, if you are faculty, administration, or a student assigned to do so, you may have more than one blog. You will use the same user name will go once again to the original “Get a Blog! Sign up here” at to get a second blog. Make sure you are first logged in before you click this option. The system will recognize you and you’ll be able to add another blog and will be prompted for the title.

Is my blog public or private?

Your blog can be public or private, and you can restrict who can access your blog and who cannot. If you would like to be found by search engines and listed in our directory, then go to Settings>Reading and choose to make your blog visible. If you would not like to be listed in the directory, don’t want to be visible to search engines, or want to restrict access to registered users, administrators (you) or subscribers only, choose the corresponding option in the Reading section.

Where can I get more advanced help?

Tutorials and additional support will be added, including categories, static pages, rss, and having multiple contributors. If you would like advanced help please contact Academic Technology directly for more assistance.

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