Marilyn Plotkins: Actor, director, aficionada

BOSTON — “Do you want me to sing for you?” said young Marilyn Plotkins with a giddy smile and wide eyes.

This question was posed to every guest that walked through the front door of her large, middle-class family’s home. At a young age Plotkins knew that she loved to sing. Her challenge was to find the right outlet to express her joyful noise. After attending her first play, Gypsy with Ethel Merman, she knew theatre was her destiny.

Marilyn Plotkins is the Chair and Director for Suffolk University’s Theatre Department, founding Director of Boston Music Theatre Project, and author of The A.R.T. Reference Book: The Brustein Years about the American Repertory Theatre. Plotkins is involved with theatre on nearly every level as an actor, director, professor, and aficionada. Continue reading