College induced stress with body image

BOSTON — Many college students fear the dreaded “freshman 15” and will go to extreme measures to keep their comfortable, youthful image.  Eating disorders, obsessive gym habits and stresses over body image are all too common with college students.  I, myself, struggled with maintaining my desired physique.

Beer and pizza…Need I say more?  The late night call to Dominos is definitely a popular event in the world of college students; especially those living in dormitories.  The food at my university’s dining hall is repulsive.  Often those cravings for a good delivery pizza take over and afterward I wonder why I gave in to such temptation?

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Stress — You are not alone in America

BOSTON — Millions of Americans share the same psychological symptoms of experiencing irritability and anger, feelings of nervousness, lack of energy, and emotional outbursts every day. Americans live in a society that is constantly changing, incredibly fast paced, and competitive.

Every day, people are challenged with the responsibilities of work, family, school and personal relationships, as well as sudden changes in their lives, such as the loss of a job, a loved one’s death, a new relationship, or the birth of a child.

The high expectations and constant change in this society have caused great physical and mental stress on a person interfering with personal lives, professional lives, sleep patterns, eating habits, and health.

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