Ben Folds plays “fake” concert for real fans

BOSTON – Ben Folds shocked die-hard fans Friday night when he opened his show with a disclaimer – “None of you have heard any of these songs before.”

The fans crowded into the Orpheum were confused. Arriving at the Boston, Mass., theatre that evening, we were all expecting to hear songs from Folds’ new album, Way to Normal, which had been leaked onto the Internet three months prior to the artist’s fall tour. Instead, we were informed by the cheeky pianist and songwriter that everything we had heard online from the previously unreleased album had been a joke – fake versions of real songs. The band had recorded the fake album while bored one night in Dublin, and then ‘anonymously’ leaked it onto the Internet as a joke to fans.
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New artist in Boston

BOSTON — The music industry isn’t an easy industry to break into. It takes time, money, and pure determination for any artists to make their mark. Trying to make this mark is Matt Lowell and his band. But with a new four-song EP due out this summer, the band hopes to make an impact.

The band consists of Matt Lowell on lead vocals and guitar, Sam Wagner on drums, Garret Lynch on bass and Mark Cocheo on guitar. These four artists go under the name of Matt Lowell. Continue reading

The Wandas

The WandasBRIGHTON, Mass. — Just three years ago, The Wandas completed their band with the addition of a permanent bassist. Two albums and countless shows later, the guys have managed to become a local success in both the Boston and Worcester areas. With a new music video under their belt, they see it only as the beginning.

It all began five years ago when high school buddies Keith McEachern and Pete McElholm met Brent Battery at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There, the three music buffs joined forces to create the beginning of The Wandas band. Continue reading

Rams go unmatched

BOSTON — Suffolk University’s premier a capella group, The Ramifications, finished up the year with a fantastic festival of song this past Friday evening, along with three other a capella groups from neighboring universities.

The Rams held their annual A Capella Festival in the C. Walsh Theater, along with Northeastern University’s Distilled Harmony, and Boston University’s In Achord and Allegrettos.

The popular groove, Ready to Go, by Republica, was the first song of the night, featuring the lovely and edgy voice of Kaitlyn Flynn as soloist. The Ramifications started off the evening with an enthusiastic tone, as well as with a touch of class; all were dressed to the nines in an array of dazzling black outfits. Continue reading