Kiffin firing may be Al Davis’ biggest mistake yet

Lane Kiffin was never given the chane to do what he wanted, and always had Al Davis looking over his shoulderWhen owner Al Davis hired USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, most questioned Kiffin’s history as well as his age. Kiffin might have been part of college football’s powerhouse, but he also looked as if he had just graduated from USC.

Now due to the fact that the Raiders are a work in progress and are still not contending after starting over from scratch two years ago, Kiffin will go down as the second Raiders coach to be fired after only a year.

At age 31, Kiffin was the NFL’s youngest coach, but surely did not act like it. Since 2002, the Oakland Raiders have gone through four different coaches, and saying that Kiffin was in for a challenge was an understatement. However, knowing this, Kiffin accepted the job with eagerness to get started and to put the team back on top where they were during the late 1960s, 70s and 80s. Continue reading