Halloween in Massachusetts

BOSTON–Massachusetts is known for its historical political sites, but has a famous spooky side as well.  The famous witch trials occurred here, as well as the pirate legends.  Along with costume stores, haunted houses, and other events, Massachusetts is a fun destination for people of all ages.

Haunted Houses- Where do I go?

The Haunted House at Marshfield Fairgrounds is known to be one of the creepiest places to go during the week of Halloween.  This year’s theme, “Hospital of Horrors” is sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club of Marshfield.  Lots of free kids-and-family activities will be provided from 6-10 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 29 and Thursday, Oct. 30.

For the third year in a row, the East Taunton Kenpo Karate Haunted House will be open.  Originally designed as a dojo, the people of East Taunton transform it into a creepy walk through a haunted house.  With the lights on, the house is open on Sundays from 4-7 p.m. for children, but at 7:00 p.m., the lights go off and the ghosts come out.  ETKK is open in October for two weekends only, Oct. 18-19 and Oct. 25-26, so be sure to stop by because not many places are both a dojo and a haunted house. Continue reading

Carroll awes audience with “Constantine’s Sword”

 BOSTON–James Carroll spoke to Suffolk University students Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2008, about his newly released movie, Constantine’s Sword.  Students and faculty filled the C. Walsh Theatre to see Carroll and his film.

The film touches upon The Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion to the Christian faith. The film proceeds to illustrate why the Jewish people are held responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus.

The movie projected graphic images at times, but the aspects of faith and politics were apparent.  As it opens in Colorado, Mikey Weinstein, an alumnus of the U.S. Air Force Academy, portrays the pestering that his son Casey, a Jewish cadet, experienced by several evangelical Christians.  Other scenes included the Catholic Priest Carroll tracking down the trail of blood that takes him from Crusades to America’s current foreign policy in the Middle East. Continue reading

Kiffin firing may be Al Davis’ biggest mistake yet

Lane Kiffin was never given the chane to do what he wanted, and always had Al Davis looking over his shoulderWhen owner Al Davis hired USC offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, most questioned Kiffin’s history as well as his age. Kiffin might have been part of college football’s powerhouse, but he also looked as if he had just graduated from USC.

Now due to the fact that the Raiders are a work in progress and are still not contending after starting over from scratch two years ago, Kiffin will go down as the second Raiders coach to be fired after only a year.

At age 31, Kiffin was the NFL’s youngest coach, but surely did not act like it. Since 2002, the Oakland Raiders have gone through four different coaches, and saying that Kiffin was in for a challenge was an understatement. However, knowing this, Kiffin accepted the job with eagerness to get started and to put the team back on top where they were during the late 1960s, 70s and 80s. Continue reading

Pruitt proves depth at the point

Gabe Pruitt has proved this preseason that he can play with the Big ThreeDrafted 32nd overall by the Celtics in 2007, guard Gabe Pruitt shows he can play with the Big Three as the preseason comes to an end.

Sunday, the Celtics played New Jersey in their seventh preseason game, and Pruitt was given the chance to prove what he can do. Filling in for Rajon Rondo because of an ankle injury, Doc Rivers wanted to see how much depth he had at the point.

Gabe Pruitt, enter stage left. Playing with the Big Three, all Pruitt wanted to do was show Celtic fans that the team has another option besides Rondo. Continue reading