Suffolk’s weak school community a concern

Beautiful Brownstones of Suffolk UniversityDOVER, N.H.–Everyone remembers the crossroads they approached their senior year of high school: the decision of what the next step will be in their trail of life. Each potential path presents windows of opportunity as to what their lives may be and the type of person they will become. Currently Amelia Wright, a senior at Cocheco Arts Technology Academy in Barrington, N.H., is facing said crossroads.

“It’s really terrifying,” admits Wright, smiling nervously. “This is the first major decision you have to make which completely determines the type of person you’ll be.” Currently Wright is targeting a variety of schools, including Lesley College and Suffolk University. “Suffolk University’s unique and diverse campus is very appealing,” she states. “However, the campus appears to not have a strong school community, which is difficult to really like as an incoming freshman.” Wright’s concerns about Suffolk University’s school community stem from the unidentified center of campus. Continue reading

Thrills by day, chills by night

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.–Most holidays seem to lose luster with each passing year, but Fright Fest helps to keep the spirit of Halloween alive with haunted houses and attractions that are scary for any age group.  Even though terror and gore help make any haunted house terrifying, Six Flags uses all around good taste to scare the daylights out of you and your children while keeping everything wholesome.six-flags-fright-fest.jpg“I feel like I’m in a dream,” marveled one adult amusement park devotee donning a complete Superman costume. His eyes lit up as he walked the streets dazed by the various roller coasters, thrill rides, and spooky Halloween themed attractions. He is not alone as families, couples, and children marvel at the diverse attractions Six Flag’s Fright Fest has to offer.

Six Flag’s Fright Fest is held from Sept. 27 – Nov. 2 and hosts activities for all ages. The Haunted Manor, Halloween skits, graveyards set up throughout the park, and the walking dead create a creepy atmosphere. While many areas of the park present Halloween themed props and characters, “Wiggle World” and “Toon-Town” have no Halloween themes to not frighten very young park enthusiasts. Continue reading

Small high school community environment aids in student learning

BARRINGTON, N.H. – The sights and sounds of the lunchroom at Cocheco Arts Technology Academy in Barrington is the same as any typical high school. Seniors sit together at a designated lunch table, students play instruments, and the tears of certain students are visible among the hustle of the room.

image2.jpgHowever, the difference at CATA lies in the fact that the seniors are sitting together to run the school store and raise money for their class, the individuals playing instruments are accompanied by teachers and fellow students who sing along, and the only tears are those resulting in laughter of one of the many school-wide inside jokes. The unique community atmosphere of CATA is remarkable.

“There’s a strong school community here,” remarks freshman Nellie Teeling. “We’re one huge giant clique−no one’s in and no one’s out.” English teacher Ms. Allard agrees, “The great thing about teaching here is that everyone wants to be here.” Continue reading

The greatest election party

mccain-obama.jpgBOSTON–On Nov. 4, 2008, people of all shapes and sizes ventured to The Greatest Bar to turn their attention away from athletic events for the evening to focus on politics.

“This is such a historical time,” said Holly Peterson, a junior at Northeastern University. “Either way the country is going to be unlike it ever has before. I’m honored to be a part of it and excited to watch the election on the big screen (television),” she laughed.

The Greatest Bar election party began at 7 p.m. with the early arrival of patrons. Each of the seven televisions played a different channel ranging from CNN to Jon Stewart. Specialized drink menus were created for the event, highlighting three politically themed concoctions. Profiled beverages included a red-hued drink called “The Maverick” intended for Republican enthusiasts, a bright blue “ObamaRama” and for those who can’t make up their mind, a purple “Undecided.” Guests sipped their drinks, celebrating and shaking their heads in disbelief as they watched the historical election. Continue reading