A night of music for a good cause at SU

BOSTON—Suffolk University students recently attended the Kenyan Orphan Benefit Concert, a show in which three local bands played original music to raise money for a good cause. The concert was held in the Donahue Café on Thursday, Nov. 20 from 7 – 10 p.m. and had a turnout of more than 40 guests.

The Kenyan Orphan Benefit Concert was put together by Suffolk alumna Kelly Bates, who has visited Kenya three times to help the children. She is involved with the Bright Futures Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports developing countries by helping citizens obtain healthcare and education.

Bates works with a chapter of the Bright Futures Foundation to provide orphaned children in Kenya with necessary items that benefit both their health and schooling. It also raises money to establish living corridors and schoolhouses for the children. Continue reading

Boston Public Library sponsors “Food for Fines”

BOSTON–In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Boston Public Library spent Nov. 1-15 participating in “Food for Fines,” a program that eliminated outstanding library fees for those who made a non-perishable food donation.

Libraries across the U.S. participate in Food for Fines in order to “donate off” their fines while helping fill the shelves of local food banks. This year, all 27 branches of the BPL participated in the program to help raise goods to donate to local food pantries, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. Continue reading

Craigslist fraud: when does it end?

BOSTON — If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If only that saying would have crossed my mind before I joined the thousands of people who have experienced internet fraud, in my case through Craigslist.

Being a college student trying to find a decent job, and with the nearing of Thanksgiving break, I responded to a mystery shopper ad in the part-time job section of Craigslist.org. My “evaluation” task was to provide my fake boss with information about the work ethic at the 64 Kneeland St. Western Union location in Chinatown and make a money transfer to whom I believed was a member of the mystery shopper organization (which I never got an actual name for—red flag #1). I always thought I would identify a scam if I saw one on Craigslist, but like so many others, I was fooled by the elaborateness of these schemes. Continue reading

Suffolk University students enjoy a night on the town

BOSTON — Suffolk University students attended a night of dinner and performance on Sept. 19, sponsored by Program Council, an on-campus organization that coordinates many University events for students.Blue Man Group at Charles Playhouse.  Boston, Mass.

Dinner was held at the Hard Rock Café, located in Boston’s downtown Faneuil Hall, followed by a Blue Man Group show at the Charles Playhouse in the Theater District.

Program Council coordinated this yearly event; purchasing 100 tickets for dinner and a show with their own club budget, charging each student $20. In his second year of organizing the program, Brian Martineau, one of Program Council’s executive board members, expressed his dedication to the occasion. Continue reading