Is television corrupting American youth?

Television was introduced to the public in the 1930s. Since it debuted, the TV has been a permanent fixture in homes throughout America. Although the need for TV has not changed, standards for the shows that air have. When television first came on the scene, there were strict regulations about what was appropriate. Those restrictions have changed over the years and today there is a major concern that the shows deemed appropriate are encouraging negative behavior among teens.

There was a time when shows were not allowed to show a married couple sleeping in the same bed. For example, “I Love Lucy,” which debuted in 1951, had two double beds in Lucy and Ricky’s bedroom; and when Lucille Ball became pregnant, CBS did not allow the show to use the word “pregnant.” Instead, they had to say she was “expecting” or “with child.” Continue reading

Fall in love with the new season of handbags

purse.jpg BOSTON–With the arrival of fall, it’s now time to seize the handbag trend defining the season. From luxury, metallic colors, totes, magenta, and chain handles – fall in love with the luxurious designs. If you’re really into fashion you know an outfit isn’t complete without the perfect handbag. It is not all about the logo standbys, but really fun, fresh handbags that will complete your wardrobe. This season we are seeing a major change in handbag trends in higher end and mainstream stores.

The “haute couture” stores such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Vera Wang are displaying their purses in colors and shapes they have not shown in the past. For the Fall-Winter season, designers have been in the handbag lab creating the “must-have” bags. The 2008 Gucci collection portrays sophistication at its best with fresh styles that keep it in the forefront of handbag styles. Continue reading

Fall Fest: Hit among teens

There are many events that occur at Suffolk University throughout the year, but one of the most celebrated is Fall Fest, a variety show performed every year by Suffolk students showcasing their talents. Fall Fest has been part of Parents’ Weekend at Suffolk for years, providing students a chance to give parents and peers a glimpse into who they are. A number of individual and ensemble acts perform to a theme that changes every year.

This year’s Fall Fest was themed “Going Back to the 80s.” Each performer was dressed in 80s garb and several acts related to that poignant decade. One of these numbers was a Madonna Medley, featuring three performers singing three of Madonna’s greatest hits.

Samantha Hartlen, senior at Suffolk, sung “Like a Virgin” in that medley. “It was so amazing to be a part of the show, especially that act,” said Hartlen. “Madonna’s music was so influential; I mean, her music is still impacting us today.” Continue reading

Twilight: The new obsession

twilight-2.JPGBOSTON–Every 10 years, a new phenomenon sweeps across the nation. There were pet rocks in the 70s, leg warmers in the 80s and fanny packs in the 90s. The millennium is no exception. The new obsession of kids and adults alike is a series of books, specifically the Twilight saga written by Stephanie Meyer.

Twilight is Meyer’s first book and it was unexpected that the book series would have a real impact on society. The Twilight books follow the characters of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen through a tumultuous love story. Essentially their story is not so different from hundreds of others that have been written: boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, drama ensues. Continue reading