Bond is back—Shaken not stirred

Daniel Craig hit theaters Nov. 14, 2008, reprising his role in the reboot of the famous 007 series, topping box offices and becoming the highest grossing opening night film in November and the highest grossing Bond film ever.

Quantum of Solace movie poster.

“Casino Royale” was seen as a huge success in the Bond series, the 22nd film marked the reboot of the 007 franchise, with new cast members and new story lines, literally starting the story line from scratch.

“Quantum of Solace” is a direct sequel to “Casino Royale,” starting one hour after where the last movie left off. Bond has just captured Mr. White and is in a car chase to get him into the safety of MI6, the British secret service.

White confesses about a secret organization called Quantum that backed “Casino Royale’s” villain, Le Chiffre, and that eventually leads to the death of Bond’s love, Vesper Lynd.

Throughout the movie, Bond pursues a new villain, Dominic Greene, who is a member of Quantum. Bond seeks bloody vengeance for the fate that had befallen his love—and he gets a whole lot more than that.

Overall the movie was excellent, incorporating the same values that were seen in “Casino Royale.” Bond has been humanized. There are less gadgets and witty humor and more real life drama and politics. No more karate chops to the neck, just gut-wrenching action packed fight scenes that capture your attention throughout the movie.

The action in the movie was a plus, and between car chases and dog fights in the sky, this film encompasses it all. No action movie fan will be disappointed, but what can you expect with a movie geared towards vengeance?

And in this movie, Bond does get hurt. When he gets into a fight he shows his wounds for the rest of the movie, no more disappearing scrapes or bruises. This shows Bond as a real person, not a super hero secret agent.

The movie left a lot to be explained, but you learn more about “Casino Royale.” It picks up all the loose ends and completely changes everything you thought you understood.

The movie has defined ending but you are still left to wonder. Bond went after Greene, but what about the rest of Quantum? In one scene, Bond is able to photograph many of the top members in the organization, but they aren’t revisited throughout the rest of the movie, leaving you to wonder who is next!

The movie might not surpass “Casino Royale” as a fan favorite but it’s definitely a competitor, and with the new edgy and gritty James Bond on the loose, more movies are sure to follow in suit—and hopefully soon!

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