Good girl gone bad

BOSTON–Lights, Camera, Action. It’s not Beyonce Knowles; it’s her onstage alter-ego, Sasha Fierce. Knowles adopted the name Sasha Fierce when she is onstage in the spotlight.Knowles is known as an icon, an R&B queen, and the wife of Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z, who also holds the nickname HOV.

For the past year, since Knowles revealed her third solo album I am … Sasha Fierce, the media and fans have questioned who is Sasha Fierce? Why did Beyonce decide to create a double-life concept album?

Knowles’ offstage persona is more difficult to distinguish. Fierce isn’t personable and is never present to do interviews. Fierce is aggressive, outspoken, unafraid, and daring. She is described as an alley cat at night.

The album displays a two-disc set which features both sides of her split personality. The fans are able to experience the best of both worlds of the romantic, girl next door Beyonce and the partygoer diva Sasha Fierce. I am … features ballads that show Knowles’ personal natural side and a second disk featuring upbeat numbers that bring Sasha Fierce to the stage.

One single was released on each disk. The single featured on I am… was the meditative ballad “If I Were a Boy” and Sasha Fierce featured the all-girl party hit maker “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”

Not only does the album feature songs that reflect Knowles and her alter-ego but she also decided to go in depth with this solo project and create an image her fans will never forget. The first page of the album features a simple image of the singer wearing natural makeup. Turning the album cover reveals Sasha Fierce with big hair, raccoon eyes, and 6-inch stilettos.

Will Knowles’ alter ego sell more albums this time around than her other two last platinum selling albums? This is an album that allows Knowles to step outside of the box. It helps her take more risks and reveals if good girls really go bad.

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