Pacman is out of power-ups

Adam “Pacman” Jones is expected to return to the field this Sunday, Dec. 7, as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Jones, who was suspended for four games by the NFL for violating the League’s Conduct Policy after getting into a fight with his appointed security guard, was also suspended an extra two games by Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones.As the player who led the Cowboys in passes defended this season, Jones (Adam) will be an important addition to the team as they look to make their drive to the playoffs.

Although it will be beneficial for the Cowboys to have him back, Jones is well aware of the precarious situation that he finds himself in as a result of his actions.  While this has been the most recent of Jones’ off-field mishaps, he has an ever growing list and police record that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, took into account as he handed down the suspension. 

Since Adam Jones was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2005, he has been named or arrested in connection with 12 off-field incidents, including possession of marijuana, felony vandalism, several counts of misdemeanor assault, multiple scenarios with shots fired, as well as having his Cadillac XLR pinned in a drug trafficking ring.

After the most recent arrest on Oct. 7, in which Jones had an alcohol-related scuffle with a bodyguard the Cowboys assigned to him to keep him out of trouble, owner Jerry Jones said, “He does need to address the kinds of things that seem to be with him at various times and one of those that he’s dealt with for a really long time, he needs to address in a way that most of us might understand — alcohol issues,”   Before Jones was to be re-instated in the League, Commissioner Goodell required Jones to attend a rehabilitation center to confront his alcohol problems.

After the Cowboys 14-10 win over the Washington Redskins on Nov. 16, Goodell re-instated Jones, who successfully completed his rehabilitation course, but will not be so lenient the next time Pacman fouls up.  Jerry Jones has also released that he will not re-hire security guards to watch over Pacman and will leave the policing to Pacman himself.  Jones’ lawyer Worrick Robinson was quoted on the subject matter, as saying, “There was a period of time where security was in place and it worked, but just like anything, it wasn’t foolproof.  If the individual — in this instance, Adam — doesn’t want to make the right decisions to protect himself and the team and the league, then the security is not going to be of any benefit anyway. Adam and I have talked about that, and he understands that very clearly and he agrees with that. He’s willing to accept the responsibility of making his decisions without being influenced by a security guard.”

As the Cowboys get ready to take on the League’s number one defense against Pittsburgh this weekend, Jones’ fellow teammates are more than eager to welcome him back.  The players all acknowledge Jones’ work ethic on the practice field and in games, looking forward to having him contribute to the success of this team.  However, one more slip up, even the smallest, could result in a lifetime ban from the NFL for Jones.

In regard to the return of Jones to the Cowboys, Coach Wade Phillips was quoted, “”We’ve got to hope, for his sake really, that he has cleared all that up.  All the pressure is on him, really, to do the right thing.”  Only time will tell how this story will end, but for the sake of Jones and the Cowboys let’s hope that this incident will be the wake-up call for their star cornerback that he so evidently needs to confine his notoriety to the playing field rather than the police blotter.

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