A theatre’s take on Twilight

BOSTON — Stephanie Meyer’s novel, Twilight, came to theatres everywhere on Nov. 21, a long-awaited date according to several readers.  Books turned into movies are generally different from one another, and viewers had much to report on their findings.

Twilight is a story about a girl, Bella, moving to live with her father in one of the rainiest towns in all of the U.S.  An adopted family of vampires resides in this town, trying to mainstream into everyday life as “normal” people.  The two main characters Edward (a vampire), and Bella fall in love with each other and struggle to make their relationship work as two different beings.  It is in Edward’s main interest to protect Bella, which deems to be fairly difficult, as Bella constantly gets herself into trouble.twilight-3.jpgKelly Parker, a 26-year-old graduate student, read the book and saw the movie.  She read the 498 pages in one day, and had been eager to see the movie for some time.  Parker enjoyed the movie mostly because “I couldn’t wait to see the characters and storyline come to life.”  She was disappointed however, with how the movie was made.  She thought it was poorly filmed and overall a bad movie.  “I mean, I really loved the movie, but I think it was only because I had read the book ahead of time.  Otherwise, it wasn’t very good.”

Another Twilight fanatic, 18-year-old Brianna Driscoll, had similar views.  She also read the book, and saw the first showing of the movie at midnight.  “Of course I thought the book was better, they usually are.  But, I still loved the movie.”  Driscoll said the movie was changed from the book, but that was expected.  She thought it could have been better, but “for the most part, the characters were exactly how I pictured them to be.  In that sense, they did a really good job.”  Driscoll also mentioned that although some factors were left out or changed, other small details that had seemed insignificant were included.  “It was fun to notice the small things though.  I was comparing everything to the book through the whole movie.”

A girl who hasn’t read the book, 25-year-old Emily Curtis, went to see the movie recently.  She said she doesn’t like to read, but heard all about the book from friends and was excited to see the movie.  “I thought the movie was really good.  It was definitely not as good as I expected it to be though, with all the rage about the book and all.” Curtis raved about the main character, Edward, as she found him to be incredibly attractive.  Meyer’s novel describes Edward as a perfect being, and her opinions of him coincided adequately. She is looking forward to seeing sequels to Twilight, hoping that those will be a little better.  “I heard that the first book had the least amount of action, so I’m guessing the next movies will have more to offer.”

For more information about the movie, Twilight, please visit: imdb.com.

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