Thrills by day, chills by night

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.–Most holidays seem to lose luster with each passing year, but Fright Fest helps to keep the spirit of Halloween alive with haunted houses and attractions that are scary for any age group.  Even though terror and gore help make any haunted house terrifying, Six Flags uses all around good taste to scare the daylights out of you and your children while keeping everything wholesome.six-flags-fright-fest.jpg“I feel like I’m in a dream,” marveled one adult amusement park devotee donning a complete Superman costume. His eyes lit up as he walked the streets dazed by the various roller coasters, thrill rides, and spooky Halloween themed attractions. He is not alone as families, couples, and children marvel at the diverse attractions Six Flag’s Fright Fest has to offer.

Six Flag’s Fright Fest is held from Sept. 27 – Nov. 2 and hosts activities for all ages. The Haunted Manor, Halloween skits, graveyards set up throughout the park, and the walking dead create a creepy atmosphere. While many areas of the park present Halloween themed props and characters, “Wiggle World” and “Toon-Town” have no Halloween themes to not frighten very young park enthusiasts.

Young children who are unable the ride the various roller coasters delight in other Halloween themed activities throughout the park. From the elaborately painted faces of the walking dead to the creepy Halloween performances throughout the park, children delight in the festivities of Fright Fest. In costume, young witches, superheroes, and princesses walk through areas of the park and reluctantly pose for pictures with the ghastly ghosts and goblins.

Kids enjoy many Halloween themed skits performed through the streets of “Wiggle World” and “Toon Town.” The unmistakable squeals and giggles to performances such as “Showdown in Tombstone Territory” and “Save a Cockroach, Eat Another Creepy Crawler” match the happy faces of the children in the audience.

Classic children and family rides are also still open throughout Fright Fest. Younger park enthusiasts enjoy attractions such as Dorothy’s Rosy Tea Cups and The Great Chase while dressed in their Halloween costumes. Parents delight in the fact the lines are shorter due to the off season and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage the Massachusetts town has to offer.

The adult aspect is different than the teen or kid’s perspective. While families explore the park and rides, the kids generally want to stop and eat. Being an adult and feeding the kids may come to more of an expense than expected. The price for food is above average and can take some visitors by surprise. All around however, the price for food and passes is affordable if planned in advance.

Parents can be worry free while at Six Flags. The park has a program for lost kids. For example, every half hour an announcement is made across the park and parking lot telling children if they were lost or broken up from their party, to report to the given destination.  Every ride opens for adults, teens and kids who fit the height requirement.

Six Flags New England’s Midnight Mansion, a popular season attraction, looms over the shadowed streets of Crackle Canyon. As a few brave children and a handful of adults make their way up the path to the haunted house they are greeted by the dark stares of witches and zombies. Following the reception in the haunted mansion, groups are able to walk along the halls and into legitimately frightening scenes depicted from horror films.

“The haunted house could not have ended soon enough!” says Suffolk University student, Connie Tomasino.  “I didn’t think it was going to be as scary as it was,” remarks park enthusiast Brandilee Panebianco. “At first I thought I was going to laugh but it was really terrifying.” The actors throughout the production present creative performances and costumes with elaborate face make-up and dress, making the experience worth the extra $10. Mansion shows are available from when the park opens till close. Not only can adults get their fill of attractions, they can also scream their lungs out on the countless number of roller-coasters that will hurl you at speeds you would rather not travel.

Brave children and older amusement park goers also enjoy the classic roller coaster rides along with the spooky themed attractions. Superman, recently voted the planet’s number one steel rollercoaster, hosted a very enthusiastic crowd that was able to enjoy the attraction multiple times as the park was relatively empty. The crowd also enjoyed other thrill rides such as Batman: The Dark Knight, Scream, and The Cyclone.

Six Flags Fright Fest boasts numerous classic and Halloween themed attractions, short waits in line, and fall foliage, making the ticket price worth the trip despite the gas prices. Promotions such as buying your ticket online to get kid’s prices or picking up a coupon at Dunkin Donuts allow everyone to have fun without feeling the fright in their wallets.

The chill of the autumn air sets in as the sun begins to fall, prompting the less bold devotee’s departure from their time at Fright Fest. As they leave, they pass brave patrons of all ages entering through the gate of the park and are greeted by the cold stares of the undead and the shrieks of unsuspecting parents and children. It is apparent in their eyes that although the cold hand of fear may be embracing their hearts, the memories of their time at Fright Fest will keep them warm for years to come. Regardless of what you’re looking for, you will be sure to find it when you visit Six Flags New England.

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