Fall Fest: Hit among teens

There are many events that occur at Suffolk University throughout the year, but one of the most celebrated is Fall Fest, a variety show performed every year by Suffolk students showcasing their talents.¬†Fall Fest has been part of Parents’ Weekend at Suffolk for years, providing students a chance to give parents and peers a glimpse into who they are. A number of individual and ensemble acts perform to a theme that changes every year.

This year’s Fall Fest was themed “Going Back to the 80s.” Each performer was dressed in 80s garb and several acts related to that poignant decade. One of these numbers was a Madonna Medley, featuring three performers singing three of Madonna’s greatest hits.

Samantha Hartlen, senior at Suffolk, sung “Like a Virgin” in that medley. “It was so amazing to be a part of the show, especially that act,” said Hartlen. “Madonna’s music was so influential; I mean, her music is still impacting us today.”

Elissa Newcorn, a senior at Suffolk, not only performed a solo in the Madonna medley, but also performed in several ensemble pieces. Newcorn genuinely enjoys doing Fall Fest, and attributes it to some of her success at Suffolk. “I am from Illinois, so I didn’t know anyone when I came here. I knew I needed a way to meet people so I took a chance and auditioned for Fall Fest, and the rest is history. It provided me with new friends, a great experience, and the confidence I needed.”

Another popular act from this year’s show was a drag number by Marc Picariello. This was the first time in Suffolk University history that a drag number was performed. Picariello sang “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher and the crowd loved it. He wore a Cher wig, leotard, fringe skirt, and black high-heeled boots; as soon as he walked on stage he was an instant hit. “It was so great to hear the applause and screaming. I was so nervous to do the show because I didn’t know how everyone would react. But, seeing how much the students and the parents loved it was awesome.”

Not only did the performers love the show, but the students did as well. Jennifer Dwyer, a sophomore at Suffolk University, stated, “This was the best Fall Fest. I loved the theme and all of the acts. Last year’s was good, but this year’s had something extra; it was really great.”

Fall Fest only seems to get better with time. One father said that without Fall Fest he would never see his daughter. “I come here for the weekend and I want to spend as much time with my daughter as possible,” said Jerry Waldron. “But, even when I am here she likes to be with her friends. But she loves this show and it is something that we can do together which is great.” It is clear why Fall Fest is a tradition that will go on for years to come.

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