Men’s fall fashion 2008

BOSTON–The transition from bathing suits and board shorts to wool pants and fall jackets has come with a bang. This fall season is where men’s fashion surprises us all. The ever-changing industry established men’s fall fashion to be up-to-the-minute with women’s fashion. It’s no longer just about the ladies. Men and women share the same approach when it comes to what they wear. Everyone wants to look good!

Fall “must haves” for men this season include pin-striped pants, striped shirts, and blazer’s/sport jackets with jeans.

There are numerous fabrics associated with these fall “must haves.” The most dominant ones are tweed, wool, and cashmere.

Colors also flow with the change of seasons from the bright colors of summer to the more neutral colors of fall, such as browns, oranges, dark blues, and deep reds.

As for “must have jeans,” designers are straying away from the traditional blue jean. The design of the fall jean has a tendency toward a more straight leg or skinny cut. Black, grey, and even cream color jeans are the new “blue jean.”

Now let’s talk accessories, always a sensitive subject when approaching men’s fashion. A simple solution to complete an outfit for a guy is a bag. Bags are everywhere! This is not to be mistaken for a man’s purse. The bag can either be a trendy briefcase or a messenger bag.

Scarves are also becoming more fashionable for men and women; they can turn a simple outfit into something more trendy.

Brian Earley, store manager of United Colors of Benetton, an all men’s store in the Copley Place Mall, describes this season’s collection as “military inspired.” “Prominent outerwear and sweaters dominate what’s in my store right now,” said Earley.

The Euro-chic store is known for its fine Italian craftsmanship and hip style. “Most men who come into my store have been shopping for casual outerwear and suiting this season,” Earley explained. “It’s all about making the customers feel great in this fall line.”

Fashion is a way of life. Every day people wake up and dress themselves. What are they thinking when they do?istock_000002448530xsmall.jpg

Suffolk University student Scott Johnson says that fashion isn’t important to him but at the same time he does notice what other people are wearing, including himself. “I want to look put together everyday but I wouldn’t really call it thinking about fashion.”

Where can men find these latest trends? Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle and H&M are top carriers at affordable prices. For more high-end clothing, men can also check out Banana Republic, J. Crew, Armani Exchange or chic boutiques around Boston.

The fall 2008 fashion for men has ricocheted into a new sophisticated style that will be recognized by many. Men can wear anything, they just need to keep an eye out for classy trends that fit their style. There is something out there that every guy can wear.

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  1. Agreed on the accessories: men’s bags are not only fashionable but also very useful. Also, let’s not forget other accesories too, such as bracelets, necklaces and rings.
    All you ahve to do is match them silver with silver and gold with gold (or golden). Mixing them denotes bad taste.
    For more formal accessories, you can opt for pocket squares and shirt buttons.

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