Fashion designer Christina Defalco puts Boston in her designs

BOSTON — Local fashion designer Christina Defalco is known for taking her love of Boston and including it in her unique clothing designs. Many people associate the name Christina Defalco with the cute hand- studded Swarovski crystal T-shirts clad with pictures of Fenway stadium and other Boston trademarks, seen on many women after they have purchased an original Christina Defalco design.

Christina Defalco won The Improper Bostonian’s Boston’s Best Award for Fashion: Urban Chic Boutique for 2005, along with many other fashion awards and mentions. The Christina Defalco boutique, located on 343 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End, had been the longest standing boutique in the North End until the boutique’s recent closing. Defalco felt her designs would flourish more online and possibly on Newbury Street in Boston.

“I put a lot of passion into my designs and I definitely want them to be seen more and hopefully get my brand to be more recognizable,” said Defalco. “Hanover Street does get busy but it has not yet become a shopping destination like other locations, such as Newbury Street.”christina1.jpgPictures of Fenway, Mike’s Pastry, old North End churches, and many other Boston trademarks, made with beautiful hand studded crystals, typically characterize Christina Defalco designs. Defalco also design dresses with unique prints such as peacock and zebra, which do not wrinkle due to the fabric used.

“Customers of Christina’s come here because they know they are going to come out with something unique and one- of- a kind that they can’t get anywhere else,” said store manager Julie Cahill. “Christina knows how to design flattering clothing for women that women want to wear because they look good in it and because the piece is unique.”

Among Defalco’s clothing designs are also fine pieces of jewelry handpicked during her travels to Italy and France. Angela Caputi and Angelique de Peri pieces prove to be the most popular and eye catching among the many collections available.

Reviews for Christina Defalco rave about the quality of her items, the fun design flare used, and how most people cannot walk out without something from the boutique. Most say that the boutique was a ‘must stop shop’ in the North End.

To purchase an original Christina Defalco design right away, visit online at until her new boutique opens up on Newbury Street in the near future.

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  1. This article is great for Christina Defalco publicity, her clothes really sound like must-haves.

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