Rams go unmatched

BOSTON — Suffolk University’s premier a capella group, The Ramifications, finished up the year with a fantastic festival of song this past Friday evening, along with three other a capella groups from neighboring universities.

The Rams held their annual A Capella Festival in the C. Walsh Theater, along with Northeastern University’s Distilled Harmony, and Boston University’s In Achord and Allegrettos.

The popular groove, Ready to Go, by Republica, was the first song of the night, featuring the lovely and edgy voice of Kaitlyn Flynn as soloist. The Ramifications started off the evening with an enthusiastic tone, as well as with a touch of class; all were dressed to the nines in an array of dazzling black outfits.

Following the Rams went NU’s Distilled Harmony. While their extremely casual attire and attitude was no match for the Rams’ professionalism, they put on a good show, featuring four numbers, including a memorable “Cartoon Medley” and especially their last showstopper, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, which came complete with solos and dance moves. The members really enjoyed what they were doing on stage, and their enthusiasm made their performance all the better.

BU’s Allegrettos were up next. They began their performance somewhat differently, heading on to the stage through the audience and rapping the ever popular, Wait, by the Ying-Yang Twins. Their group certainly had spunk, but their vocals were not as impressive. Their repertoire included an eclectic array of tunes, ranging from hits by Feist to ballads by Looking Glass. While the group was dressed alike in the same black t-shirts and jeans, they still lacked that Ramification “je ne sais quois.” The Allegrettos ended the first part of the performance.

The Ramifications picked up the second act with their wonderful rendition of Mika’s Lollipop. Soloist Brittany Wynne featured not only her extremely impressive vocal abilities, but also her enthusiastic and zesty persona. It was a perfect segue into the next performance by BU’s In Acchord. They, too, were dressed in black tops and jean bottoms. While they did a job well done, singing hits such as OneRepublic’s Apologize and Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker, they were no match for the last group to perform, Suffolk’s very own Ramifications.

The Ramifications came back on for their final performance of the night, bringing life and style to the stage. Performing songs such as How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox 20 and Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You (featuring the jazzy and seductive voice of Deirdre McAllister) they had the entire house hopping. Their vocals, enthusiasm, professionalism, and style went entirely unmatched.

The Ramification’s College A Capella Festival was well-attended, filling much of the main house. It was an evening full of music and fun.

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