souls_logo_orange.GIFThe Souls Alternative Spring Break Blog is a blog about the experiences of the 36 Suffolk University students and the 4 Suffolk University faculty members who sacrificed their Spring Break vacation to better the communities of Mississippi and El Paso Texas by doing community service. This Blogs main purpose is to share the experiences of the ASB’ers with the Suffolk Community and to increase the visibilty of S.O.U.L.S. and the Alternative Spring Break trip to the Suffolk Community.

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  1. So I am not sure if all of my fellow Mississippians heard the good news but Camp Salvage is staying open for good. When we went on our trip is was being told that the camp was set to shut down in April due to the lack of funding and support. Since then they (the volunteers who coordinated everything) have been fighting to keep it open. I know that all of us on the trip were really sad to hear that it was closing down because it was a wonderful place to stay while being down there. It was another entire element that contributed to our experience. I then, just today, got a message saying that is has been approved to stay open for good as a place for people of all walks of life to stay. They said that is was going to be used as a place for kids to stay, to support them staying in school, high school girls who get pregnant and have no where else to go, and the list goes on. It will also be used for volunteers who come down to help out. This is great for all of us, because I know there is a huge interest in returning. I know I personally miss it really bad and cannot wait to get back down there and help out. And now most importantly we all know we can go back “home” when we do go back down!!

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