…missing Texas

asb081280.jpgThanks for putting up the blog Juan!

I’m a little late with putting up my post, sorry.

It seems like Spring Break was so long ago, but really it has only been two weeks!
It’s completely different being back, I wish I was still in El Paso.
After the week, a part of me wanted to stay there but then again I wanted to go home and get back to reality–spending a week with the same people can get to be a little much. But then once I got back, literally a few hours later, I wanted to see everyone again and go back and keep building that house!
I really hope that everyone keeps in contact with each other and especially the people we met in El Paso. It would be really interesting to go back in say a year or so and see how the house came out and see who is living there; I definitely hope that’s something we can do. And if not, well then hopefully we can do another Habitat trip!
The weather here is lame, and so is school :-). I wish we could ALL go back right now. Let’s go.

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