About John C. Berg

John C. Berg has taught political science at Suffolk since the Fall of 1974. He is the author of Unequal Struggle: Class, Gender, Race, and Power in the US Congress (Westview, 1994), and editor of Teamsters and Turtles? U.S. Progressive Political Movements in the 21st Century (Rowman and Littlefield, 2003). In 2010 he was given the Charles McCoy Career Achievement Award for “a progressive political scientist who has had a long, successful career as a writer, teacher and activist” by the New Political Science section of the American Political Science Association.¬†For the 2010-2011 he is on sabbatical leave, writing a new book with the working title Minor Parties and the Crisis of the American Party System.

Unpublished conference papers by me are available for download on the Social Science Research Network site.

Expect to see new posts here about once a week, often on Fridays. Naturally, all posts and comments are the views of their authors, not of Suffolk University.

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