Ethics Meets Public Policy in New Master’s Program

Are whistle-blowers heroes? Should we genetically enhance unborn children? Is torture ever justified?
Questions about corporate governance and accountability, rapid developments in biotechnology, international warfare, and other controversial issues, are sparking public debate as they challenge our current law and public policy. In a wide variety of fields—in business, healthcare, biotechnology, and government—moral and ethical dilemmas are redefining business as usual. Today’s public policy leaders require a new and expanded approach to their work.

MEPP Graduate Program Director Nir Eisikovits

The Master of Science in Ethics and Public Policy, a new interdisciplinary program offered by the  Philosophy and Government departments of the College of Arts & Sciences, provides this innovative approach. This ground-breaking graduate program—the only one of its kind in the region—is designed to equip students with a comprehensive set of practical tools to critically examine the ethical underpinnings of public policy.

With this training, both recent graduates and professionals more advanced in their careers will be prepared to guide research, development, and governance strategies at the cutting edge, and respond to the hot-button policy questions that follow.

“Combining the academically rich philosophical tradition with a contemporary and practical hands-on approach, Suffolk’s MEPP program is unique in bringing humanistic and social scientific perspectives together to tackle complex questions of public policy,” says Graduate Program Director Nir Eisikovits.

The program requires the completion of 30 credits (ten courses), including four required courses, five electives, and an internship or master’s thesis. With potential program tracks including Business Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Medical Ethics, and Political Theory, students are encouraged to design their own course of study to reflect their intellectual and professional interests.

by Sara Romer
NOTE: The program may be completed on a full-time basis during three semesters (fall, spring, summer), or on a part-time basis in two years. For more information, contact Nir Eisikovits, PhD, LLB, graduate program director, by email to neisikov@suffolk.edu, or at 617.994.6464.