Graphic Design

Students in the Graphic Design program learn typography, drawing, photography, printing, and electronic media skills to develop concepts and create design solutions for visual communications. Selected projects from the various courses follow.

1/‘Forever/Memories,’ a poetry book assignment for Graphic Design III, designed by Sung Lee.

2/Hawaiian Shirts Notecards, by Sung Lee—a packaging and product development assignment for Graphic Design III.

3/Surreal Area Rug, a `trompe l’oi’ rug, creating the illusion of a hole in the floor, by Alex Serpis.

4,5/“Bed” Sheets with a sleeping-in attitude, as many studio classes start at 2:30, by Katie McLaughlin.

6/Chocolate Packaging, a group branding and marketing project for Graphic Design IV, by Haley Matzell and Sung Lee.