Standout Talent

The College of Arts & Sciences hosts a community of students who reach far beyond their regular calls of duty. Whether they are volunteering their time and support, introducing new programs on campus, setting and achieving high academic goals, or speaking out and taking action for their beliefs, they are the inspiring scholars who give Suffolk University a great reputation. Here are just some of the students who have not only made great contributions to the University — but also to the community and lives of people they have met along the way.

Left to right: Meredith Sims, Yvonne Wakim, Gustave Cadet, Megan Costello, Mike Nash, Mike Miccoli, Bonnie Jean MacEachern

To read more about each of these students selected for the 2008/2009 Standout Talent pages, visit the digital edition here. Click on the image below to view the page full size.