1Tech Year

By: Dyane O’Leary Technology has always helped lawyers — just think of typewriters, fax machines (remember those?!), and e-mail.  But technology is no longer just helping.  It’s doing.  In some ways, technology is just as much a part of lawyering in 2018 as legal analysis or client counseling. So why, then, aren’t law schools teaching… Continue Reading 1Tech Year

Research Blitz

By: Samantha Moppett When we stand—hands over our heart—to say the pledge of allegiance, we pledge allegiance to a nation with “liberty and justice for all.”  Yet, in the United States, all people do not have access to justice as there is no constitutional right to counsel in civil cases.  Although legal aid agencies exist… Continue Reading Research Blitz

The Power of the Podcast

By: Karin Mika On a cold, weekend February day, I was doing my usual weekend thing of running errands and listening to the Moth Radio Hour on NPR.  The final story that day was “Love Wins,” told by Jim Obergefell, the plaintiff in Obergefell v. Hodges. Although I was familiar with the case, I knew… Continue Reading The Power of the Podcast

Smart Students Ask For Help

By: Sarah J. Schendel When I decided to go to law school, it was partially because I wanted a profession where I was “always learning.” After 3 years of law school and a few years of practice I remember thinking: when does the learning stop? When will I just know everything? Law is a rewarding… Continue Reading Smart Students Ask For Help

Tell Your FAIL Stories

By: Professor L. Danielle Tully Not surprisingly, we are often wrong.  Sometimes we make simple, embarrassing errors, like hitting reply-all when we shouldn’t (most of us can tell that story).  More often, even for seasoned attorneys, our most troubling errors occur when we are exercising judgment, when we feel like we made the right (or… Continue Reading Tell Your FAIL Stories

Legal Writing Matters: How Legal Writing Prepares Students For the Bar Exam

By Sabrina DeFabritiis In anticipation of Massachusetts’s adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), Suffolk Law is incorporating into the first-year legal writing program a Capstone, modeled after the Multistate Performance Test (MPT).  Historically the Massachusetts Bar Exam has been comprised of the Multistate Bar Exam and 10 state specific essays.  July 2018 will be… Continue Reading Legal Writing Matters: How Legal Writing Prepares Students For the Bar Exam

The Joy of Legal Writing

by Rebekah Hanley One of the most-consulted reference books in my home is The Joy of Cooking, a timeless classic.  The book’s title reminds readers that cooking is work that can be deeply satisfying. The title also reminds me of the joy of legal writing, because preparing written legal analysis can be just as gratifying… Continue Reading The Joy of Legal Writing