The Importance of Goal Setting

By: Professor Colin Black “If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter which path you take.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Why set goals? Simple – without a roadmap you will never reach your desired destination. Professional athletes, movie stars, successful businesspeople and top achievers in all fields set… Continue Reading The Importance of Goal Setting

Teaching a Hybrid Legal Writing Course? Lessons From Two First-Timers

By Professors Rosa Kim and Dyane O’Leary We often tell law students not to expect to “get it right” the first time doing something new.  Our recent experience teaching online legal writing courses revealed just how true that is. Distance education in law schools is exploding.  The American Bar Association’s decision last year to allow… Continue Reading Teaching a Hybrid Legal Writing Course? Lessons From Two First-Timers

Simple is Key

By Clarissa Brady Michael always says ‘K-I-S-S.  Keep it simple, stupid.’ Great advice.  Hurts my feelings every time.” Dwight Schrute I learned that this advice is not only great for paper sales, but also for legal writing.  The natural instinct in the first attempt at legal writing is to add legalese or unnecessary detail.  Whether… Continue Reading Simple is Key

The Power of Group Work

By Adam Eckart Many students dislike group work, but group work is a key aspect of law school. Group work provides many benefits, such as learning from others, hearing different perspectives, and challenging your own ideas. Although law students are prohibited from working in groups on independent projects or assessments, group work can aid student… Continue Reading The Power of Group Work

Revising Your Way to an A

By Adam Eckart When I meet with students to review a paper, students often react to our discussion with an “aha” moment or with a comment similar to “I don’t know why I wrote that.” While these realizations are important in the writing process, having them at a conference with a professor is often too… Continue Reading Revising Your Way to an A

Change is in the Air

By Carol Didget Pomfret It is November in New England and as the last of the leaves are falling from the trees we see nature’s clear indications of change.  Days are shorter and temperatures steadily fall, moving from green plants and 70 degree days in September to bare branches and snow by Thanksgiving.  But autumn… Continue Reading Change is in the Air