I had fun on Monday sharing my thoughts about Google Glass on WRKO(Earlier coverage in the Boston Herald is here.)

As I noted in the interview, I’ve been thinking about how to use Glass in the classroom (“Glass in Class”).   This fall, I’m going to try taking student questions by text message in addition to the usual hand raising.  (Here’s the concept.)  I certainly don’t want to discourage students from asking questions the old fashioned way, but I think Glass will give students (particularly reluctant students) another way to interact with me.  I also think there is a benefit from writing out a question that is different from the value of asking a question orally.

In addition, I’m thinking about how lawyers might use Glass in practice. For example, instead of sending multiple lawyers to a deposition in a high stakes case, you could send one wearing Glass. The other lawyer(s) on the team could watch the deposition live through Google Hangout and suggest follow up questions that only the lawyer conducting the deposition can hear. There are ways to do this now, but Glass may be a more seamless way to do it.  Glass could also be used during investigations as an easier way to take witness statements. 

How else might lawyers use Glass?  How else might I use it in the classroom?  Send me your ideas.

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