Lego Mindstorm Experiment 2

Kayla Shepard


To understand Force and Motion one must understand the concept of Inertia, Inertia means the object will remain at rest or in constant motion in a straight line unless it is acted upon. An object at rest or in uniform motion means it is at a constant velocity, where the object is acted upon it means an outside force changes the velocity of the object. Mass is another aspect that must be understood, mass is the amount of matter/inertia in an object and finally weight, weight is the measure of force gravity.

In an experiment the class took different masses (weights), which were pulled up by a pulley, then one had to determine the acceleration and the time rotation that the motor span.


  • F = ma


To find the number of motor rotations we had to find the measure in degrees divided by 360 degrees which equaled one rotation.

Measure in Degrees

  • _______________  = 1 rotation

360 Degrees


Then we had to know the time to life a mass,


  • t(sec) = t(s)


Unfortunately, due to technological complications we were unable to get the computers to thoroughly connect to the pulleys through LabView, instead we took examples of past experiments and plugged them into Excel to show what past experiments would prove.




The data proved:

-Increase in Potential Energy with the increase of Mass

-Decrease in pulled Acceleration with increased Mass

– Increased Pulled Acceleration with higher power



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  1. jarizos

    Do you think that the data we could have collected if our LabView worked would have mirrored that of the data we got from the previous experiment? Good thing the professor had a previous data to share.


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