Saturday, March 24th, 2012...9:43 am

home stretch

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when i graduated high school, i thought this moment so far away… but here i am writing about it.
it’s the last two months of college. actually it’s probably less than two months… maybe even closer to one month. holy crap. this is scary.

this year has gone by the fastest out of all of them, i think. it’s because i have had so many great things (new roommates, el salvador, etc) and a few bad things (stress, homework piles, etc.) that have filled my plate. every month was filled with fun and different things, so i am grateful for that. and as much as i am happy about school ending, it’s still very sad. hearing everyone talk about their post-grad plans, i realize that this is the branching-off point. after may 20th everyone starts going their separate ways, and who knows when we will see each other again?

okay, well i painted that a little more doomsday-like than necessary, but i’m sure you understand what i mean. we are entering the great beyond, that unknown universe called the real world. (dun dun dun) just think, before social media, people you once knew could become easily lost. if we can be thankful to facebook for one thing, it’s that we are going to know where everyone we once knew is now (and probably, depending on how much  of a status-updater/check-in-er, where they will be in the very near future).

i guess i can take comfort in that. we are all going to be separating, but we really won’t be that far apart unless we want to be. it doesn’t really lessen my fear of jumping out into the post-grad world in a few weeks, but it certainly helps to know that i won’t be alone.

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