Wednesday, December 14th, 2011...6:19 pm


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the semester is officially over! all my projects are done and my portfolio review is done. my review seemed to go pretty well. i had my book done before midnight last night, so i got a good night sleep last night. when i went to get dressed this morning, i realized that my selection of professional clothes was fairly limited, so i had to borrow this fluttery one from hope. it’s something that i would never buy myself, but once i put it on, i really liked it. i’ll have to go on a shopping adventure during break to get some interview-quality clothing. the review itself was good. i knew all of my reviewers which is always comforting and they didn’t really critique my work (yay!) as much as they critiqued the way i presented it in my book. it was too cluttered apparently. after they said that i realized that it actually was, and it wasn’t really showing off my work as well as it could. but it’s okay because it is definitely something important for next semester and for my official book for job interviews. they said i was ahead of the game by presenting a book anyway so i think i am on the right track for graduation!
ahhhhh…the relief.

well, sort of. even though i am done with the school work, i still have to do applications for internships for next semester. 🙁 so i can’t relax completely. i am lucky because i put together my portfolio for my web design class so i have that  all set (well i am satisfied with it enough to keep it for now) and i got my resume set a few weeks ago so now its just a matter of finding internships i am interested in, researching the firms/companies and writing cover letters. it’s not too bad. but now it’s just a matter of motivation… i’ll give myself the weekend off. i think i deserve it right?

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