Friday, November 18th, 2011...8:01 pm

el salvador fundraiser

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one of the previous participants of the alternative winter break trip to el salvador heard about the devastating flooding that just occurred in el salvador and he decided to hold a fundraiser so that we can bring the money down to help with the victims.

chris organized this great acoustic show of student talent for last night. it was in the donahue cafeteria. chris got some food donations, so there was some pizza from cafe quattro and ribs and pork sandwiches from texas roadhouse. the concert was awesome! a lot of people came and we raised $320 for the cause!

it’s really exciting that this event was so successful! chris did a great job organizing it and he just proved that as young people we can make a difference. three-hundred twenty american dollars will go far in el salvador. there are a lot of people who need help, and this will definitely provide some relief! i am glad that i got to be a part of it! congrats chris!

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