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el salvador

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for my spanish class this semester, we have to give two presentations to the class. my first one was about sor juana ines de la cruz, a mexican nun from the colonial days. she’s actually a very interesting person. she challenged accepted catholic ideals as a young nun. pretty impressive i’d say.

now i have another presentation about el salvador. this one is a little bit shorter but it has to be just as thorough. i still need to do a lot more research but so far i have found that this tiny little country (its about the size of massachusetts) has such an interesting and sad history. they have gone through so much. colonial hegemony, indigenous slavery, civil war. they have so much history. its really fascinating.

and now, by some luck, i have been given the opportunity to go to el salvador. alternative winter break is a program similar to alternative winter break but instead of going during spring break,  you go during winter break! there’s a class attached to the awb trip, so i am going to be the ta (teachers assistant)/student leader for the trip! i am so excited! and i am taking is as a sign that since i was assigned el salvador before i was even offered the position that i should definitely go. i’ve always wanted to go to latin america! el salvador– here i come! (but i have to get through this presentation first) 🙂

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