Tuesday, November 9th, 2010...1:00 am

i know, i know…

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it has been way too long. please don’t yell at me. i am sure you can agree that october just flew by. i honestly don’t know what happened. no, actually i do. four studio classes happened. i have had a lot of work this semester. sometimes i get a little overwhelmed to be honest, but that’s college for you.

thankfully, i have had some time to fit some fun stuff in. on the weekends, usually sundays, my roommate and i go cafe hopping. basically this means we tote our homework around with us to a different cafe every sunday and spend the day sipping on delicious tea (or coffee, depending on our mood) and shifting through our mountains of homework. it’s amazing how much more efficient i am when i leave my apartment! something about being out of the house just gets me motivated. maybe it’s the caffeine. haha i don’t know what it is, but i am not going to question it. cafe-hopping sundays have gotten me through the weekends lately. they have now become an integral part of my week and they help me explore the city a bit more. i have already found two great cafes right by my place. they are cozy and they have super yummy bagels and other treats. not great for my wallet, but wonderful for my tummy. 🙂

for halloween i got the chance to go to worcester and visit one of my best friends. leidy and i have been besties since freshman year. i love to visit her in worcester! i know a lot of people dislike worcester, but i love it! maybe it’s all the hispanic culture and delicious food (i’ve had some great brazilian food there!). haha maybe it’s just that i know quite a few people who live there (some of my friends from high school go to school in worcester). maybe it’s just that i always have fun when i go. yet again, i don’t know. i’m not going to question it… again. this entry is just chock full of mysteries! anyways, this trip i was able to hang out with leidy her boyfriend, and a few of his friends for halloween. i dressed up as a pink lady from grease. leidy and derek were yoko ono and john lennon. i also hung out with a pope, buzz lightyear and captain jack sparrow. i had such a great time. i am definitely going to be making another trip there soon–sans costume of course.

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