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second semester classes: three-d design

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sorry its taken me so long to continue with these end of the year blogs. i just got back from a busy trip to prague (!!) so i haven’t really had the time to finish them. (and don’t worry, i’ll write about prague in a bit!)

so three-d was not a class i was looking forward to. actually, i kind of dreaded it. haha i have never really worked with three-d media before. i was really intimidated by the idea of plaster and wire and things like that. thankfully, i ended up really loving it. now i am not going to go out and become a sculptor, but i think i learned a lot.

it’s amazing how much you don’t think about negative space. i learned about two-d space last semester and one would think that it would translate over into the three-d world…. but it doesn’t really. obviously some of the basic ideas are the same, but sculpture is a whole different world.

we did just a few projects because three-d work seems to be a bit more time consuming than two-d stuff. we started off with a project that was two-dimensional but created the illusion of three dimensionality by using layers of cut paper (that was my favorite project by far!). then we moved on to geometric shapes to created an abstract shape that had air flowing through it. building on top of that, we used wooden dowels to build a sculpture that worked around/within the geometric one to interact with it. then we made giant narrative boxes, in which we had to choose and element of our life and make a three-d work to describe it (second favorite). and last but not least, we had to make a small sculpture out of styrofoam to convey the idea of speed (the messiest thing i have ever done). so on paper, or computer screen i guess, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but i spent a majority of my homework time working on these assignments, and i ended up doing really well in the class. all the work payed off!

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