Volume XIV Number 1

Volume XIV Number 1

After Jones, The Deluge: The Fourth Amendment’s Treatment Of Information, Big Data And The Cloud
Lon A. Berk, 14 J. High Tech L. 1 (2014)

The Legislative Response To Employers’ Requests For Password Disclosure
Jordan M. Blanke, 14 J. High Tech L. 42 (2014)

A Shot In The Dark: An Analysis Of The SEC’s Response To The Rise Of Dark Pools
Edwin Batista, 14 J. High Tech L. 83 (2014)

Privacy Protections Left Wanting: Looking At Doctrine And Safeguards On Law Enforcements’ Use Of GPS Tracking And Cell Phone Records With A Focus On Massachusetts
Lloyd Chebaclo, 14 J. High Tech L. 120 (2014)

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