Volume XIII Number 1

Volume XIII Number 1

Declaratory Judgment Actions, Covenants Not To Sue, And Bad Patents: A Call To Allow The Judiciary To Weed Out Bad Patents While Adhering To The “Case Or Controversy” Requirement
Jason Scott Tiedeman & Eric D. Gorman 13 J. High Tech. L. 1 (2012)

Trademark Law And Industry Myths
Anyu Fang 13 J. High. Tech. L. 88 (2012)

Can Government And Industry Conspire To Thwart FOIA?: A Critical Analysis Of Critical Mass III
Patrick Long 13 J. High. Tech. L. 136 (2012)

Old Lessons Die Hard: Why The Essential Facilities Doctrine Provides Courts The Ability To Effectuate Competitive Balance In High Technology Markets
Armando A. Ortiz 13 J. High. Tech. L. 170 (2012)

Obstructions And Opportunities In The Complex World Of Massachusetts Onshore Wind Power Development
Alexandra J. Zaltman 13 J. High. Tech. L. 215 (2012)

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