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In conjunction with Suffolk Law’s Intellectual Property Concentration, and under the guidance of Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, JHTL produces a series of podcasts on topical issues of law, technology, and IP:


Podcast 3. November 2014: Scott Chappell interviews Journal of High Technology Editor in Chief, Bridget Sarpu about her note, Google: The Endemic to Privacy.  They just discuss her topic and some aspects of the paper including modern day privacy law Google’s history with privacy. The paper will be published in December.


Podcast 2. November 2014: Scott Chappell interviews Journal Member Kayla Morency, commenting on her Note “Cyber Security Finally Takes Stage in the U.S.”. Her note focuses on cyber security legislation in the United States, policies and procedures in the private sector, as well as highlighting potential attacks by foreign nations and cyber terrorists on private and protected data.

Podcast 1. October 2014: Journal Member Andrew Clark provides us with insight into Quarter Horse gene patenting, the potential for horse cloning, and some advice on what future journal members can focus on when writing their articles.

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