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In conjunction with Suffolk Law’s Intellectual Property Concentration, and under the guidance of Professor Andrew Beckerman-Rodau, JHTL produces a series of podcasts on topical issues of law, technology, and IP:


Introduction Podcast


Welcome to the JHTL Podcast 2015-2016 series! In this episode we introduce the creators and interviewers Jerry Chapin, Andrew Glenny, and Olivia Vaché, all students at Suffolk University Law School interested and/or studying technology in law.


Podcast 1

In this podcast, Michael L. Rustad, the Thomas F. Lambert Jr. Professor of Law & Co-Director of the Intellectual Property Law Concentration at Suffolk University Law School in Boston discusses his new book:  Software licensing, Cloud computing agreements, open source, and internet terms  of use:  A practical approach to information age contracts in a global setting.   His Information age contracts book is published by Matthew Bender and distributed by lexis/nexis.  This podcast describes how his book provides practitioners with a state of the art and comprehensive analysis of the concepts and methods of software licensing with an emphasis on the intersection between contract and intellectual property law.   Rustad examines key clauses and negotiating points that both licensors and licensees confront in licensing software, as well as provides insight into the larger business implications of software licensing strategies. The 2016 Edition includes a chapter on the core issues in negotiating, drafting, and litigating agreements for cloud computing services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and related agreements. The 2016 edition has updated guidance on how to draft and negotiate terms of service agreements, social media contracts, and software development agreements.  The chapters on open source and cloud computing are co-authored with leading practitioners and presenters. The chapter on mass-market licenses and business-to-business licenses presents practice pointers on how to draft enforceable agreements, while minimizing liability and protecting IP rights.  The chapter on international software licensing has a lengthy practice pointer on doing business in China featuring the latest case law and statutory developments. This chapter also gives guidance on how to comply with EU consumer law, the proposed General Data Protection Regulation, and Safe Harbor 2.0 negotiated in January 2016.  This book features detailed information on how to localize software license agreements in Asia, Europe, Latin America and around the world.


Podcast 2

In this Podcast, Michael L. Rusted, the Thomas F. Lambert Jr. Professor of Law & Co-Director of the Intellectual Property Law Concentration and Anne Hulecki, Practitioner in Residence, at Suffolk University Law School in Boston discuss their new chapter on Software as a Service, which will appear in Rustad’s new book: Software Licensing, Cloud Computing Agreements, Open Source, and Internet Terms of Use: A practical Approach to Information Age Contracts in a Global Setting. His Information Age Contracts book is published by Mathew bender and distributed by Lexis/Nexis. Professor Rustad Founded the Intellectual Property Law Program at Suffolk in 1995 and is currently the co-director with Andrew Beckerman-Rodau. He teaches commercial law, information technology law, and global Internet law at Suffolk and is also the current editor of Computer Contracts, a five volume treatise published by Lexis. He is the author of the Global Internet Law Hornbook and the Nutshell on Global Internet Law. Anne Hulecki teaches in the area of intellectual property (copyright, trademark, and trade secret law). Anne Hulecki, who co-authors the Software as a Services chapter teaches Suffolk’s Intellectual Property & Entrepreneurship Clinic, a multi-disciplinary clinic for new and emerging businesses with intensive intellectual property. In the Clinic, Anne teaches a seminar on practical applications of intellectual property and related skills, including transactional drafting, advocacy, counseling, and negotiation. In her practice, Anne advises emerging technology businesses in cloud computing, privacy, e-commerce, general corporate, marketing and branding, and commercial matters. Anne has been a frequent invited speaker in the area of copyright, contract negotiation, and cloud computing. Anne has negotiated and drafted numerous software as a services contracts.



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