Career Day Winner!

Congrats to BFA student Ania Siekierski for her first place win at the 2013 Interior Design Career Day at the Boston Design Center on October 18. Ania entered her DND office design project from Contract I. Great job!

MAIA Students Win Lighting Fixture Design Contest

MAIA students Eman Bawazir and Sarah Whalen both placed in the Illuminating Engineering Society’s Boston Section Student Scholarship Design Competition 2012-2013! This year’s theme was ‘music’ and the cash awards were $1,000 for 1st place, $750 for 2nd place and $500 for 3rd place. Congratualtions to Sarah for taking home the 3rd place prize for her “S3” design, and to Eman for taking first for her design, “The Composer.” The students attended the awards ceremony at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston. Great job, ladies!

Eman Sarah

Grad School Expo

Are you thinking about a career in Interior Architecture? Have you been researching schools, but want more information and prefer to talk to us in person? If so, plan to attend the Suffolk University Grad School Expo on November 02! The University will hosting a day-long event that includes campus tours, breakout sessions for financial aid and academics as well as a special session at The New England School of Art & Design for students interested in design. More information is available at We hope to see you there!

Grad Expo

IIDA Fashion Show – We Win Again!

Last night, the design community in Boston came together for the annual IIDA Fashion Show Benefit Gala at the Boston Convention Center. This year, the entering teams focused on fifteen years of fashion and design. The NESAD team, consisting of BFA students Sarah Gosson, Luke Tanguay and Jennifer Reyes, as well as MA students Yiwei Zhang, Mel McGilvrey, Mary Schambach, Carol Williams and Moniqua Williams; chose style icon Barbie to inspire their designs. In conjunction with ArcCom and McKearney Assosiates, the team, lead by Professor Nancy Hackett, designed several Barbie-inspired pieces, including Malibu Barbie and Wedding Barbie. Hours upon hours of planning, designing and constructing all paid off when the group tied for first place for Best School Entry for the second year in a row! Congratualtions to you all on your outstanding work and win!

Jill Garzik Shines as first Fall 2013 Gallery Talk Speaker

Last week the Interior Design program held the first Gallery Talk of the semester. NESAD alum and successful interior designer, Jill Garzik, spoke to the group about her journey through the profession. Currently leading the interior design team at the Perkins Eastman Boston office, Jill specializes in healthcare, science & technology and education design.

At the start of her presentation, Jill walked the group through one of her earlier projects, the 73 Tremont Cafe here at Suffolk University. She talked about how important the  history of the building was to the design, and how the use of graphics played into the overall feel of the space. Next, she took the group through her Boston Medical Center project. One of the important points Jill made about healthcare design is that it is not only about the patient, but also about the families and the providers. She finds healthcare design very fulfilling because it is care-based. As a healthcare designer, you know that you have touched the lives of those who work in the space, those who are visiting patients, and those who are being treated. In this particular project, she was able to use some new and innovative sustainable materials.

Jill’s current project, the Martin Luther King, Jr. School, was fascinating to hear about. Perkins Eastman is working on this project as a team. It is a new construction building, so they have designed the building as a whole. Jill pointed out the importance of teamwork. Everyone has an opinion and it is critical that everyone work together. The interior designers spent 6 weeks working on conceptual design prior to presenting their ideas to the rest of the office. All of this is before the client even saw the work. The design concept that was decided on was based on the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Because this school will house four different groups of students, all at different educational levels, it was important to differentiate between age groups and their dedicated wing of the building. Each building “pod” is connected by a central corridor and common spaces such as the auditorium, library and cafeteria. The auditorium space signifies the trunk of the school tree. Jill’s team has selected finishes that will subtly make you feel as though you are in the tree. In these common spaces, they have selected colors such as white, green and light wood, and then each branch of the building has a correcpsonding season and color. For example, winter is represented by various hues of blue, but also incorporates other colors to reflect the season, such as yellow and orange.  The end result is very cohesive design that the clients are extremely excited about.

In the end, Jill explained that you really have to help the client get excited about the journey. The design process is challenging, and you must help them along the way. Ultimately, it is the client’s building so it has to work for them. Thanks, Jill, for a very enlightening and thoughtful presentation!


WHY are you an interior designer?

2014 Senior BFA students answer the question WHY ?

WHY are you an Interior Designer ?


To bring out the best in people …CJ

To bring peace of mind to people so they can focus on more important matters… LT

To solve the problems of function  and  beauty …SG

To help humans make their lives more productive, and enable human potential…MM

To enable human connections to create a better world. ..SH

To allow interiors to promote the best in a person…MN

To save money, allowing clients to focus on other aspects of life leading to a greater lifestyle…AP

To make people’s everyday life easier and to increase happiness…AS

To give people a sense of a new journey…LP

To make tasks easier to complete…CK

To improve the quality of life and increase human happiness…JR

Because an aesthetically appealing space will improve quality of life, increase productivity, comfort and happiness…ACE


Why are YOU an interior designer?