Designing Schools

Every city, every village is flocked with buildings/spaces for their different purposes. Amongst the many, a school is a must. Even the most simple of villages will have a space, even if it is under a tree, for a school. The student-teacher relationship has dated back centuries. It is considered by many a holy place where the future of the children and the world is shaped. The space where knowledge passes from one generation to the other, thus becomes an important one. Learn more about the Education Timeline.

The trend in school design these days is “Interactive Design”. The space that houses the school should help engage the students, teachers and visitors alike. The architecture and interior design becomes successful when it becomes a part of the teaching syllabus. This is a contrast to the traditional classroom style teaching which is prevalent in all schools around the world. Research shows that children can learn better by ‘doing’ than by ‘listening’. IDEO gives us 10 tips for creating a 21st century classroom experience.
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