MAIA Alum working on BPL Re-design

MAIA alum Alison Buckley, currently working at Darlow Christ Architects, has been supporting the re-design for the Boston Public Library’s Johnson building, which was recently featured in the Boston Globe:

The plan, part of the venerable institution’s bid to become more of a public space, will transform the first floor of the Johnson Building into an all-day cafe and WGBH satellite studio. The setup will allow pedestrians to watch live television and radio broadcasts through windows on Boylston and Exeter streets, in a Boston version of the street-level studio in New York’s Rockefeller Center for the “Today” show.

The plan, approved by the library’s board of trustees Tuesday, is part of a $78 million renovation to improve the appearance and functionality of the building, seen by many as uninspiring. The space is expected to open next summer.

“We believe this will help animate the space and provide a gathering spot for patrons of the library, as well as draw people into the Johnson Building,” said David Leonard, the library’s interim president.

Under the direction of Peter Darlow, the main principal of DCA, Alison developed the rendering of the Newsfeed Cafe that’s in the article.

An early rendering of the Newsfeed Café at the Boston Public Library.

An early rendering of the Newsfeed Café at the Boston Public Library.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

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