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Lowell Lecture Series at BPL


Maya Lin






Nothing missing at the Lowell Lecture Series at Boston Public Library

Submitted by Professor Nancy Hackett, IIDA, IDEC, NCIDQ, Suffolk University

As Maya Lin was introduced to the overflow crowd at PBL  Thursday  evening (1.24.13) , her unassuming demeanor and relaxed speaking style put the audience at ease.  Her Ohio sensibilities belied her Yale degrees and her international stature as an artist and designer.

Water, a theme in her Ms. Lin’s personal explorations of art, architecture and monuments was presented in all its forms;  gas, liquid, and frozen.  Water was combined with poetry,  reworked into earthforms, frozen into skating rinks,  dotted with constellations, traced in silver,  flowing from stone ‘tables’ and misting from fountains …. It seems Maya Lin is infatuated with water,  the essence of life on earth .

Ms. Lin’s considerable intellect has transformed an exploration of this personal reflection into a body of work that causes us to think, reflect, and hopefully act in response to the realization that water (and wildlife) is retreating from our natural world at an alarming rate .  Massive change to aquifers, rivers, lakes, ocean shorelines … is literally transforming the earth’s surface and nature’s habitat.  Maya Lin’s ongoing collaborative project to increase awareness of our earth can be found at the website

Visit also to view her earth works , memorials and architecture…including such beautiful designs as garden of perception, ecliptic, the women’s table, and confluence project among many others.

Maya Lin’s first Boston area building  design opens Spring 2013 along Massachusetts avenue in Cambridge.  Look for it.

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