The Statue of Benjamin Franklin


Not far from both the location of the birth place of Benjamin Franklin on Milk Street and the obelisk marking the burying place of his parents is a statue of Benjamin Franklin in front of Boston’s Old City Hall. Surrounding the statue are four pictures depicting four major parts of Benjamin Franklin’s life and some of his most important accomplishments. The front picture shows Franklin during his apprenticeship to his brother in the printing shop. The picture in the back depicts Franklin and one of his well-known scientific experiments where he discovered the connection between electricity and lightning. The two sides of the statue focus on Franklin’s political life as one represents his involvement in the committee responsible for drafting the Declaration of Independence, while the other shows his involvement with the signing of the Treaty of Peace and Independence.

Benjamin Franklin Birthplace


Benjamin Franklin was born at this very site on Milk Street in Boston on January 17, 1706. He was the son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. Benjamin was the tenth son out of a total of seventeen. This is only the site where he was born because the actual building burned down in a fire in 1811. This site is significant not only because Franklin was born here, but because he was also baptized right across the street at the Old South Meeting House. Franklin spent his early years in Boston before relocating to Philadelphia, but he is still an important part of Boston’s history.

Benjamin Franklin Birthplace

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Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston on 1 Milk St on January 17th, 1706. The site is located in downtown Boston right near the Old South Meeting House. Although this is not the exact building that Franklin was born in, it is on the same site. The actual home that he was born in burnt down in a fire in 1811. Captured in the second picture is the bust that was placed on the new building to acknowledge that this was Franklin’s birthplace.

This site is so significant because it was where Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, was born and grew up. Franklin played a large role in American history whether it be being a diplomat, working as a scientist with electricity, or working in the printing business. It is important for us to recognize where one of the most important men in American history came from. Without Benjamin Franklin, American history could have been a lot different as he not only brought so much to Massachusetts, but to America as a whole.


Benjamin Franklin: Boston Born

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Though Benjamin Franklin spent a majority of his life in Philadelphia, he was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts a fact that many people forget because of his accomplishments while in Philadelphia. In the pictures above I’ve captured 1 Milk Street, Boston, Massachusetts; the site of the house where Benjamin Franklin was born.

The building in the pictures isn’t the exact birthplace, the house on Milk Street that Franklin was born in burned down and was built over. However the location of the birth of one of our nation’s Founding Fathers is commemorated by a bust on the second story of the building that now stands in the place of the Milk Street house of Franklin’s birth. In the second picture you see the “Birthplace of Franklin” to let passersby know of the locations importance in our American history. This place is significance because without the birth of Franklin our American history is nothing; his vital role in creating America cannot be understated. Franklin helped negotiate diplomatic deals with France for an alliance and with Great Britain to end the Revolutionary War. He also coined the propaganda “Join or Die” which would aid in uniting the colonies together. Franklin’s impact on creating America is astounding which is why he has earned the title of a Founding Father.

Josiah and Abiah Franklin Obelisk



This Obelisk was erected in 1827 by citizens to replace the original marker, that Benjamin Franklin had erected to honor his parents, since the original was worn because of the passage of time. The inscription on the stone reads, “Josiah Franklin And Abiah his Wife Lie here interred. They lived lovingly together in Wedlock. Fifty-five Years. Without an Estate or any gainful Employment, By constant Labour and Industry, With God’s Blessing,They maintained a large Family, Comfortably; And brought up thirteen Children, and seven Grandchildren Reputably. From this Instance Reader, Be encouraged to Diligence in thy Calling, and distrust not Providence. He was a pious & prudent man, She a discreet and virtuous Woman. Their youngest Son, In filial Regard of their Memory, Places this Stone. J.F born 1655—-Died 1744. Ætat 89      A.F. born 1667—-died 1752——85” (The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin with related Documents, Second Edition, P. 35-36) With this inscription, Benjamin Franklin is telling us to take a lesson away from how his parents were, telling us to be effective and hard-working in our calling or profession, and to not ignore God.


Benjamin Franklin Statue


Benjamin Franklin’s statue, erected in 1856, is located in front of the Old City Hall on School Street.  With Franklin himself standing on top, the monument has four engraved pictures focusing on his most famous points in his life.  Two of these focused on things he did in his private life, including the studies on electricity and his time as an apprentice in a printing shop.  The other two focus on his publicized work, such as the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  the location of the monument is very fitting, as he was born about 2 blocks away from where this piece of history stands.

Benjamin Franklin Statue – Old City Hall


This statue of Benjamin Franklin, located at the Old City Hall, features Ben Franklin and some of his most famous moments in United States history.  On one side of the statue is a picture of Franklin in a printing shop.  Franklin grew up as a printing apprentice to his brother in Boston, but eventually created a successful printing business of his own in Philadelphia.  Another picture on the statue shows Franklin drafting the Declaration of Independence.  His political career is further represented by a picture of him signing the Treaty of Peace and Independence.  This signified the end of the Revolutionary War.  Finally, on the back side of the statue, Ben Franklin’s scientific background is portrayed with a picture of him discovering electricity with his famous kite experiment.