Ben Franklin and Beer

It’s nearly impossible to walk around any tourist attraction in Boston, MA without finding some kind of souvenir with a so-called, famous quote by Benjamin Franklin stating, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”. While this may seem like a reasonable quote, there is no clear evidence of Benjamin Franklin ever stating this.

Benjamin Franklin often wrote letters to his friends while he resided in France in the late 1700’s. One of these letters contained a similar quote about wine, however this states something slightly different. One might say that Benjamin Franklin was almost a wine connoisseur—as it was one of his favorite drinks. Clearly there was a misinterpretation somewhere in history when people decided that Benjamin Franklin made a statement about beer and God. So, the short of it is that Benjamin Franklin never did in fact make this falsely famous quote about beer.

2 thoughts on “Ben Franklin and Beer”

  1. Okay, but what was the quote about wine? How do you think this made its way onto t-shirts about beer? Granted, it might be harder to sell wine glasses with Benjamin Franklin’s picture than it is to sell beer mugs (though the possibilities for the glass armonica are better with wine glasses). But any thoughts on why?

  2. Wow, Kaylee! This post is amazing! Not only do you start off with a good introduction about the nature of Boston.

    You progress your post into the second paragraph nicely. I like how you did some background research to find letters and information about the origins of Franklin’s infamously misinterpreted quote.

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