How much do you know about Franklin?


How Much do you know about Franklin?


Here is a quiz about Franklin–let us know how you do!


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Professor Allison chairs the History Department at Suffolk University. He is the author of A Short History of Boston, The American Revolution: A Concise History, and other books; he produced "Before 1776" on colonial America for the Teaching Company's Great Courses, and he is vice president of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts.

5 thoughts on “How much do you know about Franklin?”

  1. After taking this quiz I was given the score 20 out of 30, which I am actually pretty content with. There were some questions that I knew immediately because of reading the autobiography during the first few weeks of the semester as well as others that were ones that I recalled discussing in the classroom. There were, however, a few that I did not know due to the fact that they were topics we didn’t touch heavily upon (these were the ones that I got incorrect). Thanks for posting this!

  2. This quiz was more interesting than difficult. I never knew a good portion of these facts- such as Franklin failing his math class twice. I knew a good deal of the information and felt confident with my 22/30 score. A couple questions I did have to guess on, such as Franklins dream of being a sailor. The most interesting question was how many siblings Franklin had. I forget if we ever discussed it in class, but I was AMAZED to find he was one of 17 siblings!

  3. After taking this quiz, I had a score of 21, right in the middle of the other two results. Many of the questions referenced things that we had learned about in class, though a couple questions were pretty obscure. Overall, I think the quiz was a great way to refer back to Ben Franklin’s accomplishments, and it also gave me some more info on the life of Ben.

  4. I got a 24/30! Granted, I took this after I learned a few new things today (the glass armonica, for example). However, I had no idea Franklin had two slaves!! This quiz was a cool way to learn some quick Franklin facts and refresh others that I had forgotten about. Thanks for sharing it!! I’m really gonna miss this class 🙁

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