In the 1700’s it was common for a son to follow in his fathers profession. As the son of a soap maker, history wouldve expected Franklin to become one aswell, luckily for us, this did not happen. Franklin’s father, having the foresight to diversify the traits of his offspring lead the young Benjamin to persue a life outside of the humble makings of soap. While Franklin never did end up a soap maker like his father, its an important part of his life story. Benjamin Franklins’ fathers pefession, in contrast to his future acomplishments tells alot about him as a person, and makes his life that much more eventful in comparison.


This message was brought to you by the Soap Commitee Action Task Force  (S.C.A.T.F.)

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  1. Did Franklin know how to make soap because he was around it so much? Imagine if printing didn’t work out for him? He might have had to go back to his father’s business and make soaps!

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